August 1, 2014

wish, wish, want | etsy #8 // summertime

Hello There!

I haven't shopped on etsy in ages, so I shopped around and found some really adorable pieces:

LINK // RP 49.00

I have wanted a name necklace for such a long time, and this dainty necklace is so sweet! I know this necklace is imprinted with the initials of two people's names, but you can get anything you want imprinted. 

LINK // RP 44.00

These pendants are beautiful, and are so popular! I have seen them everywhere layered with loads of other dainty necklaces. I also love how long they are and how unique the colors are. They are a bit pricey, but if you buy a white pendant it will go with just about everything, so I think it's worth the splurge!

LINK // RP 230.00

I know I could never afford such a beautiful bag, but a girl can dream! I love how slouchy it is, and I  love the long shoulder strap because it makes running around much easier and keeps you hands-free.

LINK // RP 28.00
I have been looking for a pair of black and white pom pom shorts for a long time, and this pair is inexpensive, is not super short, and has an elastic waist band. They look so comfy!

LINK // RP 22.50

I love these rings because they are cool and one of a kind. You can pick out the design you want, and they will you send you your own unique ring! They are a bit expensive, but I would rather pay for quality over quantity. 

what have you found on etsy recently?

xx BB