June 22, 2013

Arbonne | Fragrance

Hello there!

Today is the final installment if the mini Arbonne series. I have loved telling you all about a little-known brand and some fantastic products. So today I thought I would talk about fragrance. I was given a perfume and a cologne, and I must say both are lovely. 

The Angel::

RP 87.00
This is the limited edition fragrance from Arbonne, called The Angel. It comes in this cute box and unfolds to reveal a gorgeous bottle with an angel on top. The site says that this fragrance has a blend of white gardenia and sweet jasmine, with notes of citrus and amber crystals. I would say that this perfume is very floral, so if you don't like floral fragrances this may not be for you. Personally, I like it, however it is a bit strong, so beware! You can still get this perfume on their website here.

Sky for Men::

RP 55.00
I love this cologne! I would wear this if it weren't for men. The website says that this cologne is infused with woods, refreshing herbs, and notes of citrus. It's not too musky, and not too strong. 

I think both of these fragrances work for men and women of all ages. My mother and I wear the Angel perfume, and my father and my sister's boyfriend wear Sky for men. They are both very versatile too! You could spray them on for casual or dressy events. Both of these fragrances linger for a long time as well, which is also a bonus. All in all, I think these are high quality and beautiful fragrances, and worth the splurge.

I have loved telling you all about some great products from Arbonne, and I hope to continue to talk about more of their products in the future. It really is a lovely brand!

Have you tried any Arbonne fragrances?

xx BB

P.S. You can check out all Arbonne's products, including the ones that I have talked about this week, here!