April 30, 2013

What's on My Playlist? || May

Hello There!

As usual, today we come to the end of another month, so it's time for me to round up some more of my favorite tunes! I have found some amazing new music from some great little-known artists who are just fantastic.

Bastille- Pompeii

Lana Del Rey- Young and Beautiful

Lana Del Rey- National Anthem

Jessie Ware- Wildest Moments

Hoodie Allen- No Interruption

Birdy- Skinny Love

Birdy- White Winter Hymnal

Niki and the Dove- DJ Easy My Mind

Gypsy and the Cat- Bloom

Phoenix- Entertainment

I have found that the best artists are not the most well-known.

What unknown artists have you found to be fantastic?

xx BB

April 28, 2013

A Hiatus

Hello There!

Today I am going to have to break some news to you all: I will not be able to blog or vlog for the next few weeks. I have some huge exams coming up in the soon that I really need to study for, so unfortunately, for now, BriticaBeauty will have to go on the back burner. But do not worry! I will be back shortly with more content than ever and a bit of a surprise :) However, while I will not be posting frequently, you may see bits and bobs pop up on the blog, so make sure to be checking back for more!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up.

xx BB

April 26, 2013

wish, wish, want || etsy #5

Hello There!

I don't remember the last time I did an Etsy post, so here it is! I am always looking for new ways to spend my money, and I have found some new little bits and bobs that are so sweet and inexpensive too! For those who may not know what Etsy is, it is like Etsy but all handmade! What could be better?






I am dying! I need all of these right now. I think these will really prepare me for spring.

What are some bits on Etsy you are drooling over?

xx BB

April 23, 2013

QOTD || Everything is Going to be OK

Hello There!

Today I wanted to share a quote that I love. I talked about things like this in a previous post I wrote that I will link here, about how life goes on. But this quote sums it up the best:

Everything at the end of the day will be alright, and, while you may not believe it right now, I can assure it will be. Let this be motivation to move on and let life take its course.

What motivation have you recently found?

xx BB

April 4, 2013

Spring is in the Air

Hello There!

I thought I would start a new series, all about seasonal trends. Today I wanted to talk about some spring trends that I am totally excited about. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses::

I tend to shy away from loud clothing, so one way I like to express my style is with sunnies that have a bit of flair. I found a few that are super cute:


You could spend a fortune on these beautiful sunglasses from Ralph Lauren:


Or you could spend a fraction of the price on these super cute glasses for Modcloth:


Black and White Stripes::

I love stripes! I just think they are so classic and chic, and I am so glad that they are trendy again. I particularly like black and white stripes- I feel extra French.

ASOS- 23.28

ASOS- 36.58

ARDEN B.- 29.00

Floral Pants::

I love these! I always get bored wearing a patterned top and jeans, so wearing a pattern on the bottom is a fun twist. I love all kinds of patterned pants, but floral are my favorites. ASOS has some especially cute bottoms.

ASOS- 46.55

ASOS- 19.95

Flouncy Skirts::

I love flow-y, flouncy skirts- they are so feminine! It's reminds me of the 50's, but a little bit more modern.


I love flats, and especially when they are brightly colored or have a busy print. It can bring together an outfit and make you look much more polished.


GAP- 49.95


What are some of your favorite spring trends?

xx BB

April 3, 2013

QOTD || Make Do and Mend

Hello There!

I found the cutest quote today and I thought I would share it with you. It relates to the somewhat depressing blog post I wrote the other day about how my life is going slightly off course of what I had planned. Sometimes I whine and moan about my life, but after a while I have learned to move on and deal with what I have been given. This quote explains that perfectly. 

It's such a cute photo, and such a great saying!

Have you learned to make do and mend?

xx BB

Maybelline Metals| A Review

Hello There!

Today I wanted to share some lovely finds from the drugstore. Maybelline came out with a new "Color Tattoos" cream shadow collection, called "Metals," and I obviously had to snatch some up. 

There are some very bold shades in the range, like a deep navy and a glittery silver, however there were two neutral shades that I wanted to try. At first, I only wanted "Barely Branded," a shimmering champagne color that I found to be a dupe for MAC's paint pot in "Bare Study!" I shared the dupe yesterday in a "dupe tuesday" blog post, which I will link here. However, many beauty gurus had been talking about "Inked in Pink" as being a lovely neutral shadow. I thought initially that the cream shadow was a bit weird- who would want to put pink on their eyelids? Nevertheless, I picked up the shadow, and now I see what all the hype was about. On the lids, this cream shadow looks like a pink-y champagne shade, and looks beautiful and natural too! I think I like this color more than "Barely Branded." It's so unique!

I have always loved the formula of the "Color Tattoo" cream shadows from Maybelline, but what I love about the "Metals" collection is that all the shades are metallic and very pigmented. Plus, they are only six dollars! What a bargain!

Which shade from the "Metals" collection is your favorite?

xx BB

April 2, 2013

My Latest Videos!

Hello There!

I thought I would remind you all that I do, in fact, have a Youtube channel, with videos that have been going up quite regularly! I encourage you all to take a peek at my latest videos:

March Favorites::

Products I Regret Buying::

Current Nail Favorites::

Travel Essentials::

Collective Empties::

What have been some of your favorite videos of mine? Let me know!

xx BB

Dupe Tuesday!

Hello There!

It's back! I finally have gotten around to do another "Dupe Tuesday," and I am so excited because I have a great dupe to show you all today.

I have loved MAC's "Bare Study" paint pot for ages, and have been using it constantly. However, there is a catch: with tax, it's about 20 dollars! Every time I purchase a paint pot it's a dagger to the heart. But last week I went to the drugstore to grab some hair ties, nail polish remover, and other beauty essentials, when I came across the Maybelline Color Tattoos Metal Edition, and I found the Barely Branded cream shadow and snatched it up! It's just as creamy and even more metallic and gorgeous than the MAC shadow. Bonus Jonas: the Maybelline cream shadow is only 6 dollars!

This is such a steal! I don't know whether or not this collection is limited edition, but I would highly recommend picking up this cream shadow!

What great dupes have you found?

xx BB

P.S- I will have new blog posts up every single day, so be sure to follow my blog and check back soon!

April 1, 2013

Inspired || Spring

Hello There!

There are some new spring collections out, and I am drooling! I am feeling so inspired, and I will be integrating some of the new spring makeup trends into my everyday look.

What are you inspired by?

xx BB