April 3, 2013

Maybelline Metals| A Review

Hello There!

Today I wanted to share some lovely finds from the drugstore. Maybelline came out with a new "Color Tattoos" cream shadow collection, called "Metals," and I obviously had to snatch some up. 

There are some very bold shades in the range, like a deep navy and a glittery silver, however there were two neutral shades that I wanted to try. At first, I only wanted "Barely Branded," a shimmering champagne color that I found to be a dupe for MAC's paint pot in "Bare Study!" I shared the dupe yesterday in a "dupe tuesday" blog post, which I will link here. However, many beauty gurus had been talking about "Inked in Pink" as being a lovely neutral shadow. I thought initially that the cream shadow was a bit weird- who would want to put pink on their eyelids? Nevertheless, I picked up the shadow, and now I see what all the hype was about. On the lids, this cream shadow looks like a pink-y champagne shade, and looks beautiful and natural too! I think I like this color more than "Barely Branded." It's so unique!

I have always loved the formula of the "Color Tattoo" cream shadows from Maybelline, but what I love about the "Metals" collection is that all the shades are metallic and very pigmented. Plus, they are only six dollars! What a bargain!

Which shade from the "Metals" collection is your favorite?

xx BB