October 12, 2012

Bargain Shop Lowdown!

Hello There!

I love online shops. Whether or not I buy something is irrelevant; I just love shopping around without leaving the couch. So today I thought I would share three of my favorite online shops that are fun to surf and inexpensive too. I know I have been talking about these kinds of sites recently, but I just love them, so sorry if you're sick of them by now!

I love Ebay. If you have not checked out this website, what are you doing? It's fantastic to find just about anything. I can type in anything- jewelry, nail polish, hot pink motorcycles- and something will come up. Whenever I am obsessed with a trend, I can find an inexpensive piece on Ebay that's cheap enough so when the fad fades I don't feel like I have wasted money. Over time, I have collected some favorites, and I have one favorite seller too, so I thought I would show you some nifty thrifty bits and bobs.

This website is a great way to find the uncommon makeup brands for discounted prices. If you have trouble finding brands like Jordana, NYX, Milani, or China Glaze, this site has loads of unusual brands for cheaper than drugstore or ULTA prices. Also, there are always deals and sales, so if you wait a little while you may find the already discounted prices are even lower! Plus, they have discontinued products and collections, so if you missed a collection, it's still available. Hoorah! Here are some things I have found on Cherry Culture that I just "lurve!"

This site is so fun and quirky, with one-of-kind-pieces that are gorgeous and girly. While it is a bit more expensive, there are still bargains and gems and everything in between! I know I just wrote about Etsy here, but to summarize I think it's lovely. So here are some of my favorite finds!

Overall, I think these are some lovely shops, some even better than the drugstore or mall! Great quality products, even better prices! I just adore these shops, and I hope there are enough links for you to find just what you are looking for!

What bargain "bits and bobs" shops are you loving? 

xx BB