October 11, 2012

wish, wish, want || etsy #2

Hello There!

Can you believe it? I am writing a post on a weekday! Today I thought I would share some cool finds I discovered while noodling around on the good old internet. I am always surfing the web for cute knick knacks and things of the sort, so I thought some of these items might interest you too!

This is a brand on Etsy that sells some awesome phone cases. Even though they only make cases for the iPhone, and I don't own an iPhone, I sill think they are nifty. This brand has millions of different cases for just about everyone, and the prices range form pretty reasonable to a bit of a splurge. I will list the prices with some of my favorites with the photos, but here are some that I think are really cute!

RP: $24.99

RP: $17.99

RP: $15.00

This brand is why I love Etsy. It's all handmade, and beautiful too. This company makes pieces that are sleek, chic, and trendy. While it is a bit expensive, I would buy these products because I think it's important to support small businesses, especially cute businesses! Look at me preaching! Anywho, I looked around the shop and here are some pieces that I thought were just lovely.

RP: $51.99

RP: $25.99

RP: $46.00

I wanted to find a seller on Etsy that made nail polish. From scratch! While I did find loads of sellers, this one was the only one that had a variety of funky glitter polishes that showed up opaque on the nails. There are some fun colors that have different sized glitters in them too! Plus, they're "custom-blended," which sounds like gibberish but so fancy! There were loads that I "lurved," but here are some that I thought were really unique.

Chataigne- RP: $8.00

Wintermint- RP: $8.00

Cobalt Surprise- RP: $8.00

I love looking around on the internet- even if I don't buy anything, it's fun to window shop! Let me know if you like these posts! I love a good excuse to spend ages on girly and fun websites. It's fun to find cool handmade pieces, and unique one-of-a-kind pieces too.

What pieces have you found on Etsy? Any special finds?

xx BB