December 30, 2013

Influenster | The JollyVoxBox

Hello There!

I am so excited to share a complimentary sample service that was sent to me and is absolutely fantastic. Influenster is a survey website that sends you sample products when you complete the right surveys and polls and qualify for the boxes. I was lucky enough to qualify for the holiday box, and Influenster sent me a little gift for the holidays. The best part is, the products they send you are full size and completely free! Here is what I got it my box:

My mistake- this one is called Luna!

I got 16.50 dollars worth of stuff for free! It's an amazing service, and completely complimentary.

Here is my unboxing video:

Have you discovered Influenster yet?

Happy Holidays!

xx BB

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December 23, 2013

What's on My Playlist? | Christmas Edition

Hi everyone!

Christmas is around the corner and, even if you are not religious like me, you can still listen to these songs to get you into the holiday spirit:

What's your favorite Christmas song?

Happy Holidays!
xx BB

The Gunmetal Manicure

Hello There!

I have been enjoying a new shade range on my nails lately, and I thought, because it is winter, that it would be the perfect time to share it with you. I love gunmetal polish, because it is a grunge-y shade that gives the same effect as a black without looking slightly tacky, and is beautiful and sparkly without turning your nails into a disco ball. It's the Goldie Locks of nail polish. Here are some of my favorites:

OPI Black Satin::

This is the most expensive of the bunch, and also discontinued, however I thought that if you could find it that it would be worth a mention. I love this shade because it is so close to black, yet it a bit lighter and has a shimmer that makes it more wearable than black polish.

RP 9.00

Loreal Stroke of Midnight::

This is a close dupe for the OPI shade, so if you cannot find the discontinued OPI color this is a good option. It's a bit lighter and more of a classic gunmetal color, but it has a very similar finish and sparkle. It applies beautifully and, like the OPI shade, is opaque in two coats.

RP 6.00

Sally Hansen Gunmetal::

Out of the three, this is my least favorite, just because it is more metallic and has less of a soft shimmer than the other two. It is also a bit more blue-toned, and has a more thick formula, so any more than two coats will be much too gloopy.  If you want a bold gunmetal color, however, this is a great option.

RP 3.00

I love gunmetal for the winter seasons- it brings out a bit of a "punk" edge in me.

What is your favorite gunmetal shade for the winter?

xx BB

December 7, 2013

What's on my Playlist? | December

Hello There!

I have missed these posts so much! I have found so much cool music since my last "playlist" post, so I figured I would share 20 of my favorite current tunes.

I have discovered some old favorites and some great new songs. You may also have noticed that there are some Christmas songs in the mix. I am not always keen on cheesy Christmas songs because frankly some give me a headache. But these are actually really lovely. 

I hope you find a new favorite amongst the songs I chose! I will be listening to all of these throughout the holiday season. 

What is your favorite holiday song?

xx BB