December 23, 2013

The Gunmetal Manicure

Hello There!

I have been enjoying a new shade range on my nails lately, and I thought, because it is winter, that it would be the perfect time to share it with you. I love gunmetal polish, because it is a grunge-y shade that gives the same effect as a black without looking slightly tacky, and is beautiful and sparkly without turning your nails into a disco ball. It's the Goldie Locks of nail polish. Here are some of my favorites:

OPI Black Satin::

This is the most expensive of the bunch, and also discontinued, however I thought that if you could find it that it would be worth a mention. I love this shade because it is so close to black, yet it a bit lighter and has a shimmer that makes it more wearable than black polish.

RP 9.00

Loreal Stroke of Midnight::

This is a close dupe for the OPI shade, so if you cannot find the discontinued OPI color this is a good option. It's a bit lighter and more of a classic gunmetal color, but it has a very similar finish and sparkle. It applies beautifully and, like the OPI shade, is opaque in two coats.

RP 6.00

Sally Hansen Gunmetal::

Out of the three, this is my least favorite, just because it is more metallic and has less of a soft shimmer than the other two. It is also a bit more blue-toned, and has a more thick formula, so any more than two coats will be much too gloopy.  If you want a bold gunmetal color, however, this is a great option.

RP 3.00

I love gunmetal for the winter seasons- it brings out a bit of a "punk" edge in me.

What is your favorite gunmetal shade for the winter?

xx BB