March 31, 2014

metallic magic.

Hello There!

I wanted to share another palette that I was given recently: the Pixi Eye Alchemy palette in Metallic Magic. This palette is much more colorful that my Stila Palette, and I would never have picked it up myself, but it is really great. There are some very unique shades in this palette, like a navy blue with pink glitter! So if you are interested in purchasing this palette I figured I would share a few photos and a few swatches. 

The pigmentation is not stellar, but still really nice, and I love the mix of very neutral shades and some colorful shades as well. Everything in this palette is shimmery and metallic and lovely. 

Have you tried this palette?

xx BB

March 30, 2014

a glowing nudewear blush.

Hello There!

I recently tried out a new item from Physician's Formula, and decided to share my thoughts on this amazing blush. I think Physician's Formula blushes are a very underrated product- they are not the most richly pigmented, but they give such a nice glow to your skin and they are so long wearing. While they are somewhat expensive, the brand is always on deal so you can easily get them for half the retail cost. 

I bought the "nudewear" blush in the shade "natural," and I really love it. There are four squares of color in the blush, so you can use the top two shades to make the blush more neutral-toned, or the bottom two squares to make the blush more pink-toned. The glitter that spells out "nudewear" is an overspray, so your first application may be more glittery than the rest, but the glitter is more shimmery than "disco ball glitter" and the blush still looks beautiful, but has a slightly less shimmery finish, after the first use. 

Overall, I would highly recommend purchasing this shade. It is so beautiful and goes with every makeup look. My favorite new look on my skin is lots of bronzer and a glowy blush like this one, so my skin has a lovely soft appearance. I will be purchasing more Physician's Formula blushes in the future. 

Have you tried a Physician's Formula blush that you love?

xx BB

P.S. what it looked like after the first time I used it: the horror!

March 21, 2014

a photoshoot.

Hello There!

Before my sister left for college, we took some photos on location, and I thought I would share some of my favorites from the day. I also took some photos of my beautiful sister, so I thought I would add in some gorgeous pictures of her. WARNING: this post is very pic-heavy. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Spring!
xx BB