March 17, 2014

written in the stars.

Hello There!

I bought the Stila "Written in the Stars" palette ages ago in a moment of weakness and have not touched it since, mainly because I wanted to take photos of it when the palette was fresh and clean and lovely. I thought I would take photos and show you a few swatches for those who love a bit of "makeup eye candy."

1. starlight 2. eden 3. luna 4. sun  5. ray 6. galaxy 7. asteroid 8. constellation 9. pigalle 10. bouquet 11. heaven 12. ariel

I have not played with this palette a lot, but what I can say is that the colors are very soft and wearable. If you want a super pigmented palette with rich colors, this is not the palette for you. However, what I love about these shades is that they are really practical and can be easily blended for quick and lovely looks. 

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts?

xx BB