September 2, 2012

Words To Live By || LOTD

Hello There!

Today is a quote that is very special to me. I get stressed very easily, and I have found over time that the only things that calm me down are painting my nails, Daily Grace, and this quote.

Whenever I am in a pickle, or feeling stressed about an exam these are my words to live by:

I love this quote, and think it is something everyone should keep in mind. Life can get difficult and stressful, and sometimes the problems seem never-ending, but for me coming back to this quote brings me back to the reality that not everything is a big deal, and it focuses me on my main goals. My dreams of college and a good job are not going to be affected by a quiz, a homework assignment, or what I wear. This is not to say one should not try in life, but I am personally an overachiever and a perfectionist, so there is no chance of me not trying. Lots of people have philosophies in life, and this is one of mine. 

You can find the book that this quote originated from here. I own it and I think it is fantastic. 

What are some quotes you live by?

xx BB