September 30, 2012

Interactive! 7 Things For 7 Days! || October

Hello There!

September has flown by, and already this school year feels like a blur. Last month I said I was excited to put on chunky sweaters and boots and no such thing has happened dagnabit! I am sick of the warm weather and am ready to be cold and cozy. Stop it, California, stop it. Anywho, today I thought I would start another month by telling you all how I failed during September.

HERE'S the blog post to join in the fun!

Stay De-stressed:: I predicted that I would be stressed this year, and I was right. I bit off just a little bit more than I could chew, and it's showing. I am already feeling the fatigue after six weeks of school. 

No Sweats:: I wore sweats. Once. And it was amazing. I tried my best not to wear sweats, and in my defense I had gotten very little sleep and they were yoga leggings. Now that the school year is in full swing, I will be wearing yoga pants and yoga leggings a lot more. I should not have made this my goal, because it was just silly and I knew at some point I would do it anyway. I digress.

More natural makeup:: I have been wearing more natural makeup! Even if I am wearing foundation, concealer, and powder, my eye makeup is simple and my lip color is too. Also, I sometimes wear just concelaer and powder if I feel like I only need a little coverage that day or if I am in a rush. 

Lots more sleep:: I got no sleep the day before school while scrambling to finish homework. I'm not a procrastinator, I swear! Each night I have been going to sleep around 11:00pm, give or take. So I have promised myself to get more rest, because the amount of sleep I get totally affects my mood.

Blog every day:: I told you not to hold me to it! I have not been blogging every day because of the above, so I apologize. I know for me it's fun to check back with blogs daily to see what other people are doing, and blogging has also become a part of my life that I really enjoy. I wish I had more time for this hobby, and I can assure you you will be seeing more of me, even if it is not everyday.

Use my day:: I have been using each minute of my day. I have been getting up at nine, getting things done, and working hard. I feel very accomplished!

Keep my room clean:: Argh! I have not been doing this either! I have been putting away clothes every weekend, but during the week I feel like an absolute pig. From now on I will do my best to make sure my clothes do not get crumply.

~ Success: 3/7 ~

October Goals:

Prioritize:: When I have a load of homework, I sometimes finish the things that are easy or fun first and the boring and long things last, when in fact I should be doing it in the other order. So this month I am just going to get down to the boring stuff that needs to be done so I don't stay up all night finishing things that should have been done earlier. This is the easiest way to get more sleep, and I need to stop letting it all get away from me, which leads me to my next point:

Manage My Time:: I tend to let my mind go other places when I need to get boring things done, so this month I am going to try my best to finish my homework as quickly as possible without doing anything else so that I can get to bed and feel better the next day.

5 Minute Makeup:: While I love doing my makeup, I sometimes spend ages on my makeup, and then I am stressed to finish getting ready in the morning. So during October I would love to be able to finish my makeup for school, foundation to lipstick, in 5 to 10 minutes.

Stop Buying:: I have spent what feels like millions of dollars on makeup and nail polish. Boy have I bought nail polish. So during October I am putting a "No Nail Polish" ban on myself. Soon you will see a haul on all the nail polish and girly things I have bought on my Youtube channel here, so after that I must not let myself walk into a CVS without a list of what I need or having only one thing to get.

Blog All Weekend:: Because my goal of blogging all week was a fail, during October I would like to at least be able to blog during the weekend and upload a video once a week too. If I don't I will end up not uploading or blogging at all, so I have to force myself to sit down and blog or film (woe is me-haha!) so I can produce beauty-related things for you all.

Be Nice:: Finally, I want to be nice this month. The last month or two has been extremely stressful, and I have been taking out my anger and frustration on family members and friends. So this month I would like to be kind to the people I love, and use the 10 second rule before I speak.

I was not victorious this month either, and I am starting to think these blog posts are just a way to lower my self esteem. Yikes! Anywho, I think in the future I will make smaller, more simple goals that can be easily accomplished on top of school work and the other millions of things I have to do in my daily life. 

What things are you trying to accomplish this month? 

xx BB

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