January 3, 2013

Interactive! 7 Things for 1 Year! || New Year's Resolutions Edition

Hello There!

I have not written about my monthly goals in a little while, so today I thought I would share my newest goals with a twist: these are my goals for the WHOLE YEAR. Unlike my Beauty resolutions, these ones are a little more deep and meaningful, and have to do more with what's on the inside. Consider these my New Year's resolutions. But don't hold me to them!

Sleep More::
I have found that sleep really affects my mood. So I want to help myself stay away form distractions and work hard on homework so I can get to bed and be healthy and rested for school.

Wear Less Makeup::
I have noticed that while I was not wearing makeup over break my skin cleared up immensely! So this year I want to really put on minimum makeup and only apply the necessary concealer and powder, and not the whole "shebang." I don't need thick foundation when I am going to school or out and about.

Leave the Electronics::
I have realized over the past year that everything electronic has more of a part of my life than I want. I love my blog and Youtube, but I need to step away and enjoy things like nature, things that don't "beep" and "zing." Plus, phones and computers and everything on them can really stress me out! So going outside or reading a book will calm me down and take me away from this tech-savvy world. Which leads me to my next point:

I recently started reading some books for school again and realized how much I love reading! It really removes me from the chaos of electronics, and it is so relaxing. Plus, a good book will increase my IQ much more than my Twitter feed!

Be Honest and Kind::
Honesty and kindness are two traits that I don't think about enough. We can always improve, so in 2013 I want to catch myself being snark-y or rude and be more giving and understanding of others.

Believe in Myself::
I know I can do things, but I constantly doubt myself! I don't know why I always think I will do badly or fail, but this year I want to not be such a Debby-downer and trust my instincts. I might just surprise myself!

Try To Love Life::
Sometimes I get real down in the dumps, and I start to question everything. So this time around I want to learn to love, and appreciate the little things in life. I take so many things for granted. I want to look back on my years and know that, overall, my life was fun and I was happy. Yeesh. We are getting deep!

2013 is a new start and and fresh one, at that. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and new year, and that your 2013 is filled with joy and success.

What are your 2013 resolutions?

xx BB