August 31, 2013

My Wish List

Hello There!

Summer is coming to an end, and now its time, once again, for me to share some of the things that I would like for my birthday and Christmas.

Beautysets - wishlist 2013
1: Birchbox | 2: Kate Spade Bow Bangle | 3: Sigma Travel Kit | 4: Dior Cherie Perfume | 5: Butter London- Disco Biscuit | 6: Nikon d5100  

What is on your wishlist?

xx BB

Let Me Be

Hello There!

I have become frustrated recently. And that's because recently I have learned who I am and what my attitude is like. And what makes me frustrated is that I am constantly judged and ridiculed for the things that I say.

I can be hostile. And rude. And sarcastic. But that is who I am and it is what helps me get through some of the rougher parts of my life without going mental. And when I say things like "oh my god" and "blowing my brains out" and "so angry I will hit someone in the face" I am not trying to be offensive to other religions, or making references to terriosts, or literally meaning that I intend to throw a punch. These phrases are things I say instead of "goodness" and "golly gee wizz," because who says that anymore?

Consider this an apology to all of those I have offended. But don't try to change me. You cannot tell me to say other things so I don't offend the prudes who cannot take any hit to their tiny life in a bubble. But I also want to say that I think life will be hard for those who get offended with every word I say. You cannot expect for everyone to tiptoe around your lifestyle so you can keep your "virgin ears." Grow up and learn that not everything in life will go your way, and you can't change others so you can stay the same. Please don't try to change me. Just let me be.

I know this post was a bit angry, but I felt like I needed to get a few things off my chest.

What makes you angry?

xx BB

August 30, 2013

NOTD | wine and leopard

Hello There!

Today I have a new, fun design for you all. I cannot wait for fall to come around, so I created a new design that is deep, dark, and perfect for the cooler months. 


Essie: Skirting the Issue
Wet N Wild: Black Creme
Sally Hansen: Boca Mocha

I love this look because it has the fun leopard print, but the dark print on the gorgeous wine-colored polish makes it more subtle. The print is so easy to do, and I know that I will be doing it a lot more.

What is your go-to fall design? Are you as excited for fall as I am?

xx BB

August 21, 2013

NOTD | Marc Jacobs Daisy Inspired

Hello There!

I have been doing some fun nail designs, and recently I have been looking at some looks by elleandish and some designers and got inspired to create a Marc Jacobs Daisy inspired look.

The colors::

Francesca- flower girl, pure bliss
Orly- rage
Milani nail striper- white

I love this sweet, flirty design inspired by flowers.

Do you have a current favorite nail design?

xx BB

August 20, 2013

A Review | Loreal One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duo

Hello There!

In the spirit of buying new things, I think I would review some of the products I have recently gotten my hands on. This one is a product I saw at a bargain shop the other day, and could not resist. I had only heard horrible reviews about the Loreal One Sweep eyeshadow palette, but I had not heard anything about the One Sweep blush duo, so I thought I would give it a go. The shade I picked up is called Posh Chic.

This duo comes with a blush and a bronzer, which I must say do not go very well together. I like the bronzer and blush sepeartely, but not together. The blush is a bright pink shade with a undertone of purple, that has no shimmer. On the other hand, the bronzer is a matte brown shade that looks like a natural tan, and not too fake.

The product itself is pigmented and silky smooth, and blends beautifully so it does not look too harsh. It also wears a long time, so you don't have to put a lot on to make the look last. 

Overall, I really like this product, however I would recommend wearing the two products sepeartely, because the blush is more cool-toned and the bronzer is more warm-toned. Otherwise, the quality of the duo is fantastic. I think this is a bit of an underdog product.

What is your favorite underdog product?

xx BB

August 19, 2013

A Review | Napoleon Perdis Baked Powder

Hello There!

I have not done a review in ages, and I picked up a few products recently that I thought I would review. I decided to try some items from the more high end ranges in Target. I have a few other items from Napoleon Perdis, but I wanted to try a face product, and I stumbled upon a face duo that was too beautiful to try. This is the Napoleon Perdis Baked Powder set in "Pink."

RP 20.00

The baked powder duo claims that you can use the lighter shade as a blush and the darker shade as a bronzer. However, the two shades in the duo are both very sparkly, so I would consider them to be more like blush or highlighting shades, or like eyeshadows. 

The two shades are both pigmented and soft, blend easily, and can be used wet or dry. I use the light shade on the lid and the darker shade in the crease. Then, for a matchy-matchy look, I like to apply the lightest shade on the cheekbones and blend the two shades together for a shimmer-y pink blush.

I love this duo for a fresh-faced shimmer-y look that will be perfect for a back to school look. While this duo is a bit expensive, it is multi-purpose product that will last you ages. 

What high-end product have you fallen in love with? I love this product!

xx BB

August 18, 2013

Inspired | Nail Polish Edition

Hello There!

Recently I have been loving nail polish designs, so I thought I would show you some designs that have inspired me to create some fun nail art. I will link the blogs that these photos came from below. 


I love nail art, and now I want to go and paint loads of new desgins! I Have also found some cheap nail tools online, so I might make a sneaky purchase!

Have you found any amazing nail designs?

xx BB

August 17, 2013

The Start of Fall | OOTD

Hello There!

I don't think that I have ever done and OOTD on my channel or on my blog before, but today I was feeling very fancy. I thought I would show what I wore today for a little photoshoot.

Would you like to see more OOTDs?

xx BB

August 16, 2013

Back to School Beauty

Hello There!

Today I thought I would share some beauty tips for your first day back. I am not looking forward to wearing makeup everyday, but I decided to put on "my daily face" and show you my tips for keeping it flawless all day.


I started with a light moisturizer to keep my skin from getting oily throughout the day and to keep  dry patches from showing through my makeup. I used the Boots Expert Sensitive Light Moisturizer before applying my base.

I then applied a full coverage concealer under my eyes and on major blemishes. I don't like to use a foundation when I go to school because I find it to be too thick and throughout the day it looks cake-y. I applied a small amount of my Maybelline Cover Stick concealer in medium beige using my Real Techniques expert face brush, which is one of my favorite brushes for applying foundation and concealer.

To finish my face, I used MAC Studio Fix powder foundation in NC20 to set my concealer and cover up any other discoloration. I love this powder because it gives the coverage of a liquid foundation without feeling heavy or getting cake-y. Plus it is really mattifying, so I do not need to top my makeup with a finishing powder that might make my face look powder-y and fake. While this powder is on the more expensive side, it takes very little product to give full coverage, so this foundation will last you ages. Plus the compact comes with a mirror and sponge, so you can pop it in your backpack and take it for on-the-go touch-ups.


I start by using an eyelid primer to smooth out my lids and keep my shadows in place all day. Nothing looks uglier than creasing shadows! The one I am using is the ELF eyelid primer, which is sheer and helps smooth and blur the veins on your lids. Bonus: it's only one dollar, which makes it a complete steal and just as good as the more expensive alternatives. 

For shadow, I wanted to pick a palette that is natural but also inexpensive. The one that I chose is one my favorites from Wet N Wild, called "Walking on Eggshells." It has three gorgeous shimmer-y shades that are very pigmented and blend beautifully. I placed the pink-y peach shade on the lid, and then placed the white shadow with a slight gold shimmer in the inner corner. The light shades brighten the eyes and open the eyes. When you have gotten little sleep you want to do everything you can to make you look like you got all your beauty sleep! I wanted to create a little shadow in my crease, so I placed the brown crease shade with gold shimmer in the outer corner and blended the shade inward. The overall look is really light and pretty, and not too heavy for school and everyday. 

I skipped liner because I wanted to keep the look light, so I went straight to mascara. I wanted to use a mascara that gave a lot of length and made the lashes look fluttery and beautiful. I used the Maybelline Lash Discovery because it makes your lashes look super long, and does not flake or smudge. I also put mascara on the lower lashes to open up my eyes.


I have little time in the morning, so I skipped bronzer and highlighter and went straight to blush. I like to use cream blush because it gives the glow that a highlighter would give. I also love the finish of cream blush because it does not too heavy for school and gives a look that is "lit from within" and fresh faced. Cream blush also looks a lot more natural than a powder formula. The blush that I chose is from Philosophy, and it's a bright pink shade with no shimmer called "Look on the Bright Side."


While I do love a bright lip, for many a bold lip color can be too high maintenance for school. So for a lip color I chose a light gloss that would give shine and a touch of color. You could really choose any gloss for this look, but the one that I chose is from Revlon's Super Lustrous gloss range, and it is called "Pink Whisper." I love the formula of this gloss because it is smooth and pigmented, and glides on the lips without feeling sticky. While this range is now discontinued, you can find a similar color in their new range or in their Color Burst formulation. 

I love all these products because they are hassle-free, and create a fresh-faced look that is perfect for school. 

What are some of your favorite beauty products for school?

xx BB

August 11, 2013

Polka dots and lots and lots of gleeter | NOTD

Hello There!

I did a fun nail design a few weeks ago and I just loved it, so I thought I would share it with you. It looks a bit complicated, but no nail tools were required and I think it turned out lovely. Here's what I did:


Essie- Merino Cool
Essie- Set in Stones
Revlon- Metallic

For the thumb and pointer finger, I used Merino Cool as a base color and then dotted Metallic onto the nail with a bobby pin. I did the same thing on my ring finger, but I switched the colors, so the nail was silver and the dots were the gorgeous purple-grey. Then for the middle finger I used Merino Cool again (I love this shade) and I used Set in Stones to create a gradient glitter effect. Finally, for the pinky I went all out with glitter and used Metallic as a base color, and then applied two coats of the same silver glitter that I used on my middle finger for lots of shine.

I loved how this design turned out! I was super easy and really cute, and the combination of the purple-grey, the silver, and the glitter looked gorgeous together.

What easy nail designs have you been loving?

xx BB

August 10, 2013


Hello There!

I was looking through some old photos and found some real gems that I thought were worth sharing.

new years and red eye | telephone booth | the tube | grumpy children | face masks on the patio | selfies before they were cool
I still cannot believe that I made chocolate masks and thought that they would actually do anything! Have you found any oldies that make you chuckle? 

xx BB

August 3, 2013

Inspired | Celebrity Edition

Hello There!

I have not done one of these posts in a while, so I thought I would share some more photos I have recently found that have inspired me to do different looks. This time, I looked at some photos of gorgeous celebrities who have really pretty makeup and are wearing all the new trends.

I saved the best for last. Emma Watson is just stunning! I am in love with dark lip colors and a fresh complexion.

What have you been inspired by?

xx BB

What's on My Playlist? | August

Hello There!

I will keep this short and sweet, and get to the point. Here are some songs I will be listening to for the month of August!

I have had some more mainstream favorites recently, so maybe you have heard of some of these songs!

What are some of your favorite August tunes?

xx BB

August 1, 2013

Cut-Out Hearts and Girly Glitter | NOTD

Hello There!

The other day I decided to try out a new technique for a nail design. I wanted something girly and sweet, but also something different from the plain manicure. This is what I came up with:

The colors::

OPI- Dulce de leche
Orly- Rage

I was inspired by ellandish to create an easy heart nail design. I painted my nails randomly with the two shades above, and then painted two coats of each shade onto a ziploc bag. I put the baggie in the freezer for a few hours, and then took it out to dry to room temperature. After that, they are like stickers! I peeled the pieces of nail polish off the baggie, used my heart-shaped hole punch to create nail polish hearts, and popped them onto my nails. I then sealed my design with a top coat, and voila! Easy nail designs that look super professional and don't take all the effort.

I always get frustrated with nail designs, but this one was so quick and simple! Just make sure that your hole punch is pretty sharp, so you can easily punch out clean shapes. I am so excited to create new designs, and I will definitely be sharing more easy designs with you all in the future.

Will you try out this new technique for yourself?

xx BB