August 31, 2013

Let Me Be

Hello There!

I have become frustrated recently. And that's because recently I have learned who I am and what my attitude is like. And what makes me frustrated is that I am constantly judged and ridiculed for the things that I say.

I can be hostile. And rude. And sarcastic. But that is who I am and it is what helps me get through some of the rougher parts of my life without going mental. And when I say things like "oh my god" and "blowing my brains out" and "so angry I will hit someone in the face" I am not trying to be offensive to other religions, or making references to terriosts, or literally meaning that I intend to throw a punch. These phrases are things I say instead of "goodness" and "golly gee wizz," because who says that anymore?

Consider this an apology to all of those I have offended. But don't try to change me. You cannot tell me to say other things so I don't offend the prudes who cannot take any hit to their tiny life in a bubble. But I also want to say that I think life will be hard for those who get offended with every word I say. You cannot expect for everyone to tiptoe around your lifestyle so you can keep your "virgin ears." Grow up and learn that not everything in life will go your way, and you can't change others so you can stay the same. Please don't try to change me. Just let me be.

I know this post was a bit angry, but I felt like I needed to get a few things off my chest.

What makes you angry?

xx BB