November 25, 2012

My Top 10 Fall Nail Polishes || 2012

Hello There!

Today I thought I would show you all some more in-depth swatches and reviews of the polishes from the video I just did. Have you seen it? I made a video about my top 10 nail polishes for this fall and winter. Because I like to see products up close and personal, I thought you might like to too! 

Revlon- Carbonite::

I cannot stress how opaque this polish is or how quickly it dries. It is so beautiful, but I love it because it is not quite a silver, and it looks like opaque glitter on your nails. Ooooh yeah! If you can still find this lovely polish in stores I highly recommend picking it up. This is the kind of metallic shade that looks unique and different yet classic and chic at the same time. So many adjectives!

 Butter London- Wallis::

This is such a popular color, and I can see why. On your nails it looks like an opaque glitter polish. However, what is so complex is that the glitter looks like it is moss green with a gold duo-chrome, and it looks like the polish is on top of a black base. It is quite expensive, but it is worth the cost. I would not be recommending this polish if I thought there was a cheaper alternative! I don't love the formula, because it takes about three coats to be completely opaque, but the color is just spectacular.

Essie- Aremed and Ready::

This is a new shade from Essie that is perfect for this season. Army greens and grays are very popular this fall and winter, and this is the perfect combination of both. Plus, there is a slight gold shimmer that really makes this polish unique and a must-have. I have never seen a color like this! I applied two coats and it was opaque. But beware! The more coats you apply, the more subtle the gold shimmer is. This is a beautiful, and super trendy, color for this autumn.

Essie- Mochacino::

If you described what this polish looks like to me, I would have never thought that I would like it. But what I love is that this polish is a classic gray color with a cool twist. There is tons of silver micro glitter running throughout the polish, and it is so pretty. However, this is a really sheer color, so it may take three coats to get opaque. But what I love about Essie is that the formula rarely gets gloopy, so layering coats is never a problem for me. This color is so pretty and, like I said, grays are really popular this season.

Essie- Merino Cool::

While all of the grays I have mentioned thus far have had shimmer, I think it's just as important to have a shade in your collection that has a cream finish. I love my neutral gray shades, but what I love about this shade in particular is that it has a purple undertone that makes a gray polish look slightly more feminine. It's so pretty! Almost all of the polishes I love for fall are super unique and are "undupeable." This color is no exception. It is opaque in two coats.

Orly- Country Club Khaki::

I really think a nude is a staple in anyone's nail polish collection, whether it be a pink-nude or a taupe-nude. I have both, but I think this color is nice because it is a taupe-based nude that is cool toned and therefore more suited for fall and winter. Plus, Orly polishes glide on like a dream and have great lasting power. This is a newly discovered brand for me, and I am in love! I wanted a color that could give me the "nude nail" look, because I think it looks so chic, and this is the perfect polish. This color is opaque in two coats.

Revlon Colorstay- Vintage Rose::

I first want to say that I love the formula of this line! They also glide on beautifully, but the finish is very "gel like," and this color is opaque in two coats. You could even get away with one, but I always do two to be safe. This shade is so classic, and sometimes you have to stock up on your classic everyday colors that don't have a "je ne sais crois." This deep rose color would look great on every skin tone, and, while it is slightly more pricey than the original Revlon line, it is still great deal.

Essie- Skirting the Issue:: [lost the footage!]

In the bottle, I thought this color was going to be a lot darker, like an almost-black red. But I still love that it is a beautiful wine color. I have a lot of deep purples, but I don't have a lot of deep reds, and this colors fits in between the two categories. It takes about two coats to be opaque, but you could layer on the coats and get a darker color. This is from the new fall collection and, while I think all of the colors from the fall collection are stunning, this shade is a real gem.

China Glaze- Call of the Wild:: [lost the footage!]

I do not own a lot of China Glaze, but I love this shade, and I love the formula! I had this color on my nails, and it lasted me a whole week with only slight wear. This color is also very complex because it is  a deep purple-red color but there is a hint of brown that makes this color really cool and special. I love my dark vampy shades, and this polish is my new favorite. Out of my top 10, this polish is probably my favorite. Plus, it's opaque in one coat! If I could recommend one color for autumn, it would be this.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Blue Rose::

I love this color because it isn't a light blue, but it also is not quite a navy. It's that perfect in-between. I also really love that it is almost a jewel-tone, but I would consider it to be a deep dusty blue. It's gorgeous. This line is great because all of the colors are opaque in one coat. This polish would look lovely on almost all skin tones, and I think the color is just fabulous, and classic as well.

I hope this was helpful for you guys to see some of my favorite polishes of the season! Don't forget to check out the video I filmed all about these colors down below! 

What are some of your favorite fall and winter polishes?

xx BB

November 24, 2012

A Review || No7 Poppy King Lip Crayons

Hello There!

Today I thought I would talk about a product that does not quite float my boat. I had never seen these products before they went on super clearance in Target, but I was so intrigued that I picked up four out of the five shades from the collection. I would have picked up five if I could find the other color! These lip crayons are marketed as giving a smooth sheen of moisture rich color. Lip crayons have been popping up everywhere; they are like a lipstick but easier to apply. So I thought I would share why these "meh" products have a few flaws.

 The Number Seven Lip Crayons from the Poppy King collection come in five trendy shades, and the names are so cute: skipping, smiling, singing, dancing, and playing, and I also love the packaging. Many lip crayons are retractable, so there is no sharpening needed. While these do need to be sharpened, there is a sharpener in the cap. How inventive! And for those who do not know who Poppy King is, she is an Australian entrepreneur who had a cosmetics line in the 90s. Anywho, while I love the packaging, I think the product itself has a few glitches. 

First, the pigmentation is subpar. While the finish is really glossy, and they are really moisturizing, the little pigmentation the lip crayons have disappears after a short period of time, because the glossy finish rubs off between your lips quite quickly. With that being said, here is what I thought of each individual lip crayon:


I mostly disappointed with Skipping. I expected a rich berry color, but instead I got a very sheer purple shade that looks like a lip gloss, and not a lipstick. It's almost clear! I love those vampy fall colors, like Revlon's Black Cherry lipstick, and I was hoping skipping would be like Black Cherry but quicker to apply- something that did not need a mirror. Again, I love the glossy "wet-lip" look, but I would rather have less shine and more color. 


This is the color I was also not very impressed with. I wanted this to be a sheer red that, like Skipping, would not have to be applied with a mirror. I love the "effortless lip" look- something that I could swipe on before school. Can you tell I had high expectations for these products? I have tried some Number Seven products that I have really been pleased with in the past, and these just weren't up there for me. 


I really like this color. Now, I will say that it pales in comparison to Revlon's balm stain in "Lovesick," but I honestly think that, while these two products are marketed as the same item, are in practice very different. This is a really sheer color that is supposed to give a lot of moisture, and it does. On the other hand, the Revlon lip crayon leaves a stain and, in my opinion, is somewhat drying. So if you were thinking that these products might be similar, they are actually quite different. Anywho, I love this color because it has medium pigmentation with a lot of moisture. I do love the shine! This bright pink is a great find from this collection.


Out of the four colors I could find, this is my favorite. It is the only shade that has shimmer, but the golden shimmer is very subtle. I do love my corals! It has pretty good pigmentation in comparison to the other three colors, and I think this is a fabulous, bright color that you could swipe on and would be beautiful in the summer. It could be your pop of color in a more neutral look, or it could be a more subtle shade in a very bright look. 

Overall, this collection was a bit of a disappointment. If you really wanted to try something from his line, I would recommend getting either Playing or Singing. The other two are duds. I hate to say this, because I love Number Seven, but with all their hits they have to have a miss or two. These lip crayons are moisturizing and shiny, but the pigmentation is not that greatest. They really should be marketed as tinted lip balms. Additionally, even though they do provide a sharpener, sharpening in and of itself is a bit of a hassle. 

Grab or Pass? I would pass. 

I don't mean to be mean, but sometimes you got to let others know what's really great, and what isn't.

Have you seen any new drugstore products? Are they loves or duds?

xx BB

* I am not affiliated with this brand *

November 23, 2012

A New Love || MAC Amber Lights

Hello There!

I have never reviewed one single product, but I thought this shadow deserved a post of its own. I have never loved a shadow as much as I love MAC Amber Lights. SO today I thought I would share what I think makes this eyeshadow a must-have.

I first heard about this shadow from Sprinkleofglitter. She raves about this color, and when she showed it in a video, I had to agree. It's a stunning color that looks beautiful on just about very skin tone. It's quite a splurge, and I don't normally buy from MAC, but I splurged on this shadow because the color is so unique. It's a deep gold but has a hint of bronze that makes it so special. Plus, it only takes a tap of the brush to get beautiful, rich color that lasts all day. 

I have tried to find a flaw in this shadow. I have tried it with primer, without primer. I have worn it for hours on end, and even through vigorous exercise. But this shadow won't budge, and the pigmentation barely fades. It's a frost finish shadow, and the best of the bunch, in my opinion.

At the end of the day, this eye shadow is amazing, and I recommend that everyone go out and buy this color. Yes, you could buy a matte brown shade from MAC that would be practical and good for everyday use, but this color is frankly irresistible. I have searched for a color similar to this in the drugstore, but I think you just have to swallow the price tag and consider it a little treat to yourself. 

What are some of your favorite eyeshadows?

xx BB

Nail of the Day || Orly Buried Alive

Hello There!
I haven't done a NOTD in ages, so today I thought I would show what I am wearing on my nails. If I had had 11 fall favorite nail polishes, this would be up there. In the bottle it looks moss green with gold micro glitter, but in your nails it's very bronze, and I love it! I wore it for Thanksgiving and it was gorgeous. The best part is that I got it on clearance at Sally's for $2.50. What a bargain! It is completely opaque in two somewhat-thin coats. If you have Butter London's Wallis and Shag, you could probably skip this color. Otherwise, if you can find it, snatch it up!

This polish is so unique, and lovely for the fall months. 

What fall colors have you been loving?

xx BB

Tag || 40 Questions of Beauty!

Hello There!

Today is Thanksgiving. Therefore, I am full of turkey and not in the mood to write some long-winded post about lip balm. So today I thought I would do another tag. I have just been in the "tag" mood! This one is called the "40 Questions of Beauty" tag. Before I pass out from too much food, I thought I could at least answer some beauty-related questions for you all. 

~ Skincare ~

How many times a day do you wash your face?
Three times a day- or more! I wash my face morning, night, and when I take my makeup off when I get home. But sometimes if my face feels extra greasy it can be more. 

What skin type do you have?
I have oily, oily, oily skin. Like oil slick, everything sliding off my face oily. 

What is your current facial wash?
I am using Clean and Clear's "Finishes" Pore Perfecting Cleanser, and I love it!

Do you exfoliate? What brand do you use?
Occasionally, if I can honestly be bothered. But when I do exfoliate I will either use my Soap and Glory Scrub Actually scrub or my Love and Toast tangerine salt scrub. They both smell lovely!

What moisturizer do you use?
I use the Boots Expert Sensitive light moisturizing lotion. It's perfect to cure dry patches, but doesn't leave my skin oily before makeup. My night moisturizer is the Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. It is the only acne moisturizer i have found that ACTUALLY works!

Do you have freckles?
Yes. Loads!

Do you use an eye cream?
Yes. I use the Boots No.7 Reviving Eye Gel. I use it because it helps keep my puffy bags at bay and makes my under eyes moisturized for makeup. It's not amazing, but I think it gets the job done.

Do you have acne prone skin?
Yes. I have acne prone skin that really flares up when I get stressed. My oily skin= loads of acne. My begin a teenager doesn't help either. 

Did you ever use Pro-active?
Yes, and I think it's rubbish. 

~ Makeup ~

What foundation do you use?
Revlon Colorstay for oily skin in Ivory. I absolutely love it! It covers all my "problem areas" and doesn't break me out. 

I use the Clinique Quick Corrector in moderately fair. I don't love it- I think it's bit too liquid-y, so it doesn't give super full coverage. I prefer my MAC pro-longwear concealer in NC15, just because it's a bit more dry so it gives really full coverage. 

Do you know your undertone color?
I have a very pink undertone. 

What do you think of false lashes?
I don't mind them. I have to wear false lashes for shows, but I personally would not wear them on an everyday basis like I know some other beauty gurus do.

Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every three months?
Yes, but I think it's a bit of a waste. I have had some of my mascaras for way longer than three months, and they are still fine! I know that is gross to some, but it's my lashes, my rules, dagnabit!

What brand of mascara do you use?
I am naughty- I will open up about six mascaras at once! But I love trying new mascaras and formulas. I have never dedicated myself to just one brand of mascara. Right now I am using Maybelline "The Falsies," and "Mega Plush," Covergirl "Lash Blast Fusion," and Loreal "Voluminous Million Lashes," among others.

Sephora or MAC?
Neither! I am a drugstore girl at heart! I would pick Loreal or Revlon over Tarte or MAC any day.

Do you have a MAC Pro-card?
No, I am most definitely not a pro haha!

What makeup tools do you use?
Brushes. I hate the silly applicators you get in makeup packaging. I will use any brand of brushes though- from ELF to Real Techniques and beyond.

Do you use a makeup primer/base for the eyes?
Always! I have the oiliest eye lids, and anything without a primer will just slide right off.

Face Primer?
Not right now, but I am thinking about picking up the Rimmel Pro Face Primer. I have heard good things about it. 

What is your current favorite eyeshadow?
I love MAC Summer Haze and Amber Lights. They are both beautiful bronze shades, and I find they look really good on me. However, I love my "Walking on Eggshells" palette from Wet N Wild. It's three dollars and fabulous!

Pencil or liquid liner?
I use both on a daily basis. My favorites are my Jordana "Fabuliner" liquid liner and my dark brown "herbal" pencil liner from Palladio. Both are really pigmented and long lasting, and inexpensive too!

How often do you poke your eyes with pencil eyeliner?
Haha! Never!

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
I think they are gorgeous, but an absolute mess! I have a few but I rarely use them because using regular old eyeshadows are a whole lot easier when I am in a rush, which I usually am.

Do you use mineral makeup?
Not really. Like pigment eyeshadows, they are a mess and hard to work with. I find that some mineral foundations don't give quite the same coverage that liquid foundations give.

What is your current favorite lipstick?
Covergirl "Temptress." It's a classic color with a twist, which I love. It's a red/deep pink that looks great on just about every skin tone, and is super pigmented.

What is your current favorite lipgloss?
I love the Revlon Colorburst glosses! My favorite is "Rose Gold." However, Artistry makes a lovely "Light-up Lipgloss" in Passion. It's a gorgeous, glittery magenta. I have really been into magenta tones recently.

What is your current favorite blush?
The NYC Mosaic color wheel in "Rose Glow" is a nice, rose-y neutral toned blush that looks good with just about everything. The Wet N Wild blush range is also really nice, and only three bucks! My favorite shade is "Pearlescent Pink."

Do you buy makeup on Ebay?
No, but I do buy just about everything else on Ebay!

Do you like drugstore makeup?
I love it! You can get some amazing products for great deals.

Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets)
All the time! It's an awesome way to get MAC and other high-end brands for close to drugstore prices. I love me some deals!

Have you ever considered taking makeup classes?
Yes, I would love to! It's definitely on my to-do list.

Are you clumsy when it comes to putting on makeup?
I used to be, but think with practice I have gotten a lot better.

Name a "makeup crime."
Putting on a dark lip color with cracked lips. It's kinda gross! Or super caked-on makeup. You have to let your skin breathe!

Do you prefer colorful makeup or more neutral tones?
I love neutral eyes and a fun lip color, But I also love to do a simple lid color and a pop of shadow on the lower lash line. It's an easy way to add color to your look without going overboard.

Which celebrity always has great makeup?
 I love the Emma's ( Stone and Watson). They always have beautiful and effortless makeup!

If you could leave the house using just ONE makeup item, what would you use?
Mascara. I think it opens your eyes and makes you look more awake.

Could you ever leave the house without makeup on?
Course! If I am just going out to the shops or something, then it isn't a problem. But if I am going to school or have people to see, I like to look somewhat presentable.

Do you think you look good without makeup on?
It's debatable ;)

In your opinion, what is the best makeup line?
Drugstore: Revlon
High End: MAC

What do you think of makeup?
I love it! It's a passion of mine, and it's so much fun. I wouldn't have a blog if it weren't for cosmetics and all things beauty!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tag! Try it out for yourselves, and leave me a link to your tag in the comments!

What are some of your favorite beauty tags? What other tags would you like me to do?

xx BB

November 22, 2012

Tag || How Much is Your Face Worth?

Hello There!

Today I thought I would do a "Face of the Day" a la Sprinkleofglitter. Basically you count up how much you spent on the makeup you wore in one day, and then feel really bad about yourself. Sounds fun, right? Anywho, I filmed millions of videos today, so I actually had makeup on. Let's see what I wore!

~ Face ~

Revlon Colorstay Foundation:: 11.50
Maybelline Coverstick Concealer:: 6.00
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder:: 5.00
NYC Mosaic Color Wheel- Rose Glow:: 5.00
Philosophy Lit From Within Healthy Cream Blush - Feel Warm All Over:: 22.50
Wet N' Wild Color Icon Highlight- Reserve Your Cabana:: 5.00

~ Eyes ~

Mary Kay Eyebrow Pencil- Blonde:: 10.00
ELF Eye Lid Primer:: 1.00
MAC Paint Pot- Bare Study:: 16.50
Jemma Kidd Hi- Design Eye Color- Silhouette:: 17.00
Estee Lauder Compact Disc Eyeshadow Quad- Taupe, Ivory, Brown, Pink:: 25.00
Jordana Fabuliner:: 2.00
Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara:: 6.00
Palladio Herbal Eyeliner- Dark Brown:: 3.00

~ Lips ~

Jordana Easyliner- Tawny:: 3.00
Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick- Temptress:: 9.00

And the grand total is....



That is a lot of money in makeup! I never even thought one face of makeup could be so expensive! I love all these products, but I can't even imagine how much it would have cost if I had used all high end products. Would you like to see a comparison?

Try this out for yourself, and see how much you spend!

What are some of your current makeup favorites?

xx BB

November 20, 2012

Wet N' Wild Dollar Lipsticks!

Hello There!

Today I thought I would review some fabulous lipsticks. Wet N' Wild is known for making great quality products- eyeshadows, blushes, liners- that are really inexpensive. So today I am excited to talk about some fabulous lipsticks that are... 99 cents! 

The two shades I have are 549A and 521A. It's unfortunate that they don't have names, just numbers or descriptions. However, what these lipsticks lack in names they gain back in pigmentation, staying power, and overall quality. They are so lovely, so here's what makes them great:


Out of the two shades I have, I would consider this color to be my "fall color." It's a creamy caramel color, an iconic shade for the colder autumn months. I know at first I was confused how to wear it, but it can go with anything! With a cool color eyeshadow like a lavender or cool brown it looks stunning. It's a fun twist on the average nude lipstick that goes with a lot and doesn't make you look dead. 


If you haven't concluded, this color must be my "summer color!" This color is bright and fun, and it's the type of color I wouldn't spend a lot of money on, because you can't wear it everyday. I have a feeling that this is a dupe for MAC's "Show Orchid," which is a pro color. So if the MAC color is out of your reach and your price range, this might be the perfect substitute. On your lips, the blue shimmer is subtle but still "there," and it makes this lipstick so unique.

I think both of these shades would look great on just about every skin tone. They are both a bit daring in different ways, but what I love is that you can get them for super cheap, so I never feel guilty if I only wear them a few times. These lipsticks last ages on my lips and never feel dry. While the packaging is a bit "meh," I can get past it because they are a dollar and the product itself is incredible. If you are looking for great makeup on a budget, this line is for you.

What colors form this line are your favorite? I have heard great things about the red!

xx BB

* I am not affiliated with this brand *

A New Video!

Hello There!

Today I have uploaded a new video for part two of my haul. Yes, I know it has taken ages, but I still wanted to post this video! I will be posting a new video this week about some of my favorite fall nail polishes, so keep checking my channel, and I will update you here as well!

What videos would you like to see from me in the future?

xx BB

P. S- Here is part one of my haul, if you did not see it! x

November 19, 2012

Inspired || Drugstore Edition

Hello There!

I loved doing the "Inspired" blog post so much that I thought I would do another one. This time, there is a twist: it will be only drugstore ads! I have found some cool ads form the drugstore that have been really cool, and have inspired me to create some really lovely looks. 

Are these posts fun for you too? I love noodling around the internet and finding cool, adventurous new looks, and keeping up with all the newest trends. The big, sultry eye is definitely back, and bold lip is popular as well. 

What are some of your favorite new trends?

xx BB

*I am not affiliated with any of these brands*

P.S- A "trends" blog post will be coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled! x

November 18, 2012

...And I'll Cry If I Want To

Hello There!

Today is my birthday. Therefore, everyone believes that I should be ecstatic and have millions of things planned. But, honestly, I don't think my birthday is the greatest day, and I wish I didn't have to pretend to be happy for everyone else's sake. If you don't like "downer" posts, then click away. I am in one of those moods. 

Birthdays stink, and for one reason. You always have high expectations and it never turns out to be the way you had dreamed. It's like New Year's Eve: you plan for a week which party to got to, you pick out a fun outfit, and you psych yourself up for what you think will be the best night of your life. But the day before your friend cancels, and the sparkly dress doesn't look as awesome as you had thought, and the party is not half as amazing as you thought it would be. It's not as though someone told you that everything would be perfect; it's all in your head. In the end, it's just another day. And so is my birthday. I love spending it with family and friends, but I always end up feeling sad and disappointed.  

Every year I tell myself it will be a bad day, and I have found it's better than I thought. So if you keep getting your hopes and keep getting let down, just remember that your birthday should be a day to relax and enjoy doing nothing. Do what you want to do: sleep, paint your nails, or sit on your bum and watch TV. I know it sounds sad and silly, but if you are like me, it makes what could be a really depressing day a "me" day. Don't be afraid to be selfish!

I hope it helps those who feel rubbish on their day of birth. 

What do you do on your birthday?

xx BB

November 17, 2012

My Wishlist! || 2012

Hello There!

My birthday is around the corner (tomorrow), and the holiday season is just over a month away. So today I thought I would share some things that I would really like this year. Don't we all have a wish list? 

A Large Face Watch::

These are so popular! I would love a gold watch, and here is one from Fossil that I think is really nice:



I always need a new blazer, and I would also love some colorful blazers as well. These colored blazers from Forever 21 are inexpensive and great quality too!




Some Swish Nail Polish::

I think a high-end nail polish is a nice stocking stuffer or a cute little treat for the holidays. It'a a little more special than just your average drugstore brands, and you can never have too much nail polish! Here are some  from Butter London I have had my eye on:

Black/Dark Brown Riding Boots::

I got a pair of these! This past weekend my mother took me out to find a pair of boots that fit me like a glove, and I found a gorgeous pair. I wanted a pair of classic, real leather black riding boots, and I found a lovely pair with buckles at Off Broadway. They have a slew of boots on sale, so if you are in the market for boots I would go and check it out! If you don't have an Off Broadway near you, here's a pair of black and brown boots from Steve Madden that are just lovely:




When can you have enough scarves? I always put scarves on my wish list, because having a new scarf is never bad! This season I am leaning more towards knit scarves than silk, but I love them all! Here are some beautiful scarves from Nordstrom:





I love this time of year- the gifts just keep rolling in! It's always fun to write up a list of all the things you could dream of!

What are some of the things on your holiday wish list?

xx BB

* I am not affiliated with these companies *

November 16, 2012

LOTD || A Little Perspective

Hello There!

I know that I have not written a blog post or posted a video in a week or so, and this is for two reasons. For one, I have been consumed with school work and leaving my room has been a feat in itself. Two, I have not found something that I have been compelled to write about, and if I am not inspired I cannot write. I have not shared a quote in a while, but while I was noodling around the good ol' world wide web I found this photo. It's funny and very true. 

I love this quote because it puts all my troubles into perspective. Even with what seems like the stress of the world weighing down on me small quotes like these help me relax and prevent me from becoming so overwhelmed. 

What are some of your favorite quotes?? Any stress-relievers?

xx BB

November 4, 2012

There will be Oxblood!

Hello There!

Today I am going to talk about the trend of all trends-oxblood. At first I had no idea what this color was, but now I know, and for those that don't know, that it's very similar to a burgundy color, but with a slight purple undertone. So for those who are looking to dive into this new autumn trend, I have found some ideas for pieces that are trendy and fun. 

Nail polish is one way to incorporate this fall trend into any outfit. Burgundy nail polishes are popping up everywhere, and, while they are all about the same, there are some that are better than others.

Revlon- Raisin Rage::

This raisin color falls into the red, vampy range of nail polish. I love this Revlon range overall; it has a great color selection, and all the shades are pigmented and long wearing. But this shade is one of my favorites because it is slightly lighter than an oxblood shade, so if oxblood is too vampy for you, then this might be your perfect color. 

RGB Polish- Oxblood::

I had never really heard of this brand before, but from rave reviews and lots of swatches this shade looks pigmented and, from its name, it's obvious that this polish is the "essence" of this autumn trend. It is a bit more pricey, but  this would be a perfect little fall treat, or a great stocking stuffer for yourself.

China Glaze- Call of the Wild::

While this color is not quite an "oxblood" color, it is a brown with that hint of red. When you see it, you think "is it brown? purple? red?" And that's the best part! It's an unusual color, but I love it because it's a unique, vampy shade for fall. 

Here are some other oxblood colors:
  1. Butter London- La Moss
  2. Sally Hansen Salon Manicure- Red Zin
  3. Zoya- Toni
  4. Nars- Chinatown
  5. Essie- Berry Hard
  6. Revlon- Vixen
  7. OPI- Bastille My Heart
  8. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Flirt
  9. Essie- Racy Not Lacy
  10. Deborah Lippmann- Single Ladies
  11. WetnWild- Haze of Love
  12. Zoya- Sam
  13. Sonia Kashuk- All Vamped Up

*This list was created by Eleventh Gorgeous! I will link their post here!*

Oxblood lips have also begun to be very popular as we begin to settle down into the colder months. There are some great cheap options in the drugstore, and some expensive beauties too.

Nars Sheer Lipstick- Vendanges::

Out of the three I found, this color is the most expensive. While I have not tried any Nars products, I have heard only good things about this brand. This color is gorgeous, and if you are interested, I found a review from the lovely Temptalia here

Revlon- Black Cherry::

I have this color! Again, I think Revlon is overall a wonderful brand, and their lipsticks and nail polishes are their standout products for me. This lipstick is insanely pigmented, and you can sheer it out for a light stain or pack it on for rich color.

Topshop- Beguiled::

Again, I do not on this color, but overall I have heard that Topshop lipsticks are better than MAC. If that is not a good review, I don't know what is! I found a review here

If you want to be a little more daring this season, but aren't the "wild type," then burgundy accessories are just what you are looking for. I found two scarves on Etsy that are similar in style but different enough to justify getting both. (tehe!) 



Oxblood jeans are a fun twist on the classic jeans. Even when this style fades, I think the oxblood pant with still be classic. Pair a classic-cut pant with a fun color and you have a trendy yet classic piece that can be worth the investment because they will last you a while. Here are some American Eagle jeans that are so lovely and chic, and affordable too!


I love this chic and fabulous color. It's great for fall and I am jumping on the oxblood bandwagon!

What is your favorite oxblood piece?

xx BB