November 2, 2012

Interactive! 7 Things for 7 Days! || November

Hello There!

I almost forgot to make this post this month! October has been a whirlwind of school and dance and all things busy! During September I realized half the things I thought I could accomplish, I didn't. So last month I put my foot down and decided that I am going to make reasonable and realistic goals. I am pleased to say I accomplished more than one thing in October!

HERE'S the blog post to join in the fun!

Prioritize:: I have been working hard this month to get all my homework done quickly and on time, and it's been working! I have been getting to bed earlier, and I have also been enjoying getting more sleep than an owl. Hoorah!

Manage My Time:: This, as well as prioritizing, has been going well. I have been more focused and more efficient. So I have been successful twice this month! These two tasks were the most important to me, and overall I am pleased with my easy success! It was that easy! Yippee!

5 Minute Makeup:: Another success! I have been really good at quickly finishing my makeup and not spending a lot of time trying to make it look perfect. Instead of doing fancy-shmancy eyeshadow and a lip color that needs touching-up all the time, a tinted lip balm has become my best friend, and I now just swipe on a cream shadow and run out the door. 

Stop Buying:: Oops. So I bought some makeup. And nail polish. And clothing. But I will justify my purchases by saying that there were lots of sales, and I am drawn to discounts like a moth to a flame. When I upload a haul, which will be soon, it will be long, and it will be on my Youtube Channel here!

Blog All Weekend:: I have tried my best to blog all weekend, but I have found it to be a bit of a failure. Managing a blog and a youtube channel is a bit trickier than I expected! There has been a weekend or two when I have been overwhelmed, and it makes it hard to check off everything on my list. 

Be Nice:: I have been nicer! I have been more considerate of other people's feeling, and it feels good. Sometimes it feels good to know that you are making changes and working on "self-improvement." 

I think I was victorious this month! I made some emotional and physical changes, and that is always something to celebrate! Perhaps I will have some extra ice cream? 

~Success: 4/6~ (where did my seventh task go?)

November Goals:

Sleep:: I am going to work hard this month to get to bed before the morning comes. My mood depends on sleep, and I have discovered in the last week that my lack of sleep has gotten me down and that my lack of sleep has also really caught up with me. So this month I want to get at lease five hours of sleep. To some that does not sound like a lot, but to a busy high schooler, five hours is like sleeping a day.

Study:: Sometimes when I am tired and ready to go to bed, the last thing I ever want to do is sit down and study. However, studying in the car does not always get me the "A." So this month I really want to work towards sitting down and studying hard without any distractions. I can focus when it comes to homework, but studying really is not my forte. I know that if I give a little time to my studies it will pay off in the end.

Style:: When the week is winding down, I tend to through my hair into a ponytail out of laziness and exhaustion. I also stink at doing different hair "do's". So this month I would like to put a little time into my hair. I know it's not important in the grand scheme of things, but to me hair pulls the whole outfit together. Besides, some hair styles are really cute, and I want to get the hang of doing my hair in no time at all.

REALLY Stop Buying:: I know I said this last month, but I really need to stop buying makeup and nail polish. Soon I won't have enough room for it all! My excuse is that it is for my blog and beauty channel, but really it's so that I can look at all the pretty things in my cupboard. It's not that my makeup bits and bobs are expensive, but these little things all add up to a pretty penny, and I want to save my pennies!

No Shave:: November! This month I am going to make a commitment to not shave. I know it's weird, but in the past I have said I would do it and I haven't. It's for a cause!

Original Videos:: I recently have been feeling like my videos are not original. So for November I am going to make a list of videos that are original and fun that I can get up each week. I love making videos for fun, but I also want to make videos that you want to watch. As always, leave comments about what you would like to see!

Be Happy:: From now on, each month I will try to incorporate an "emotion" I would like to work on. This November is my birthday month, and I would love to be happy on my birthday! I would like to work to be more optimistic about life. Sometimes it's really hard to be optimistic in tough situations, so throughout this month when I'm in a bad mood I will just think about all the cake I am going to eat when my B-day rolls around!

I hope you enjoy these types of posts! Try this for yourself, and link it below! What things are you trying to accomplish this month?

xx BB

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