November 16, 2012

LOTD || A Little Perspective

Hello There!

I know that I have not written a blog post or posted a video in a week or so, and this is for two reasons. For one, I have been consumed with school work and leaving my room has been a feat in itself. Two, I have not found something that I have been compelled to write about, and if I am not inspired I cannot write. I have not shared a quote in a while, but while I was noodling around the good ol' world wide web I found this photo. It's funny and very true. 

I love this quote because it puts all my troubles into perspective. Even with what seems like the stress of the world weighing down on me small quotes like these help me relax and prevent me from becoming so overwhelmed. 

What are some of your favorite quotes?? Any stress-relievers?

xx BB