November 24, 2012

A Review || No7 Poppy King Lip Crayons

Hello There!

Today I thought I would talk about a product that does not quite float my boat. I had never seen these products before they went on super clearance in Target, but I was so intrigued that I picked up four out of the five shades from the collection. I would have picked up five if I could find the other color! These lip crayons are marketed as giving a smooth sheen of moisture rich color. Lip crayons have been popping up everywhere; they are like a lipstick but easier to apply. So I thought I would share why these "meh" products have a few flaws.

 The Number Seven Lip Crayons from the Poppy King collection come in five trendy shades, and the names are so cute: skipping, smiling, singing, dancing, and playing, and I also love the packaging. Many lip crayons are retractable, so there is no sharpening needed. While these do need to be sharpened, there is a sharpener in the cap. How inventive! And for those who do not know who Poppy King is, she is an Australian entrepreneur who had a cosmetics line in the 90s. Anywho, while I love the packaging, I think the product itself has a few glitches. 

First, the pigmentation is subpar. While the finish is really glossy, and they are really moisturizing, the little pigmentation the lip crayons have disappears after a short period of time, because the glossy finish rubs off between your lips quite quickly. With that being said, here is what I thought of each individual lip crayon:


I mostly disappointed with Skipping. I expected a rich berry color, but instead I got a very sheer purple shade that looks like a lip gloss, and not a lipstick. It's almost clear! I love those vampy fall colors, like Revlon's Black Cherry lipstick, and I was hoping skipping would be like Black Cherry but quicker to apply- something that did not need a mirror. Again, I love the glossy "wet-lip" look, but I would rather have less shine and more color. 


This is the color I was also not very impressed with. I wanted this to be a sheer red that, like Skipping, would not have to be applied with a mirror. I love the "effortless lip" look- something that I could swipe on before school. Can you tell I had high expectations for these products? I have tried some Number Seven products that I have really been pleased with in the past, and these just weren't up there for me. 


I really like this color. Now, I will say that it pales in comparison to Revlon's balm stain in "Lovesick," but I honestly think that, while these two products are marketed as the same item, are in practice very different. This is a really sheer color that is supposed to give a lot of moisture, and it does. On the other hand, the Revlon lip crayon leaves a stain and, in my opinion, is somewhat drying. So if you were thinking that these products might be similar, they are actually quite different. Anywho, I love this color because it has medium pigmentation with a lot of moisture. I do love the shine! This bright pink is a great find from this collection.


Out of the four colors I could find, this is my favorite. It is the only shade that has shimmer, but the golden shimmer is very subtle. I do love my corals! It has pretty good pigmentation in comparison to the other three colors, and I think this is a fabulous, bright color that you could swipe on and would be beautiful in the summer. It could be your pop of color in a more neutral look, or it could be a more subtle shade in a very bright look. 

Overall, this collection was a bit of a disappointment. If you really wanted to try something from his line, I would recommend getting either Playing or Singing. The other two are duds. I hate to say this, because I love Number Seven, but with all their hits they have to have a miss or two. These lip crayons are moisturizing and shiny, but the pigmentation is not that greatest. They really should be marketed as tinted lip balms. Additionally, even though they do provide a sharpener, sharpening in and of itself is a bit of a hassle. 

Grab or Pass? I would pass. 

I don't mean to be mean, but sometimes you got to let others know what's really great, and what isn't.

Have you seen any new drugstore products? Are they loves or duds?

xx BB

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