November 20, 2012

Wet N' Wild Dollar Lipsticks!

Hello There!

Today I thought I would review some fabulous lipsticks. Wet N' Wild is known for making great quality products- eyeshadows, blushes, liners- that are really inexpensive. So today I am excited to talk about some fabulous lipsticks that are... 99 cents! 

The two shades I have are 549A and 521A. It's unfortunate that they don't have names, just numbers or descriptions. However, what these lipsticks lack in names they gain back in pigmentation, staying power, and overall quality. They are so lovely, so here's what makes them great:


Out of the two shades I have, I would consider this color to be my "fall color." It's a creamy caramel color, an iconic shade for the colder autumn months. I know at first I was confused how to wear it, but it can go with anything! With a cool color eyeshadow like a lavender or cool brown it looks stunning. It's a fun twist on the average nude lipstick that goes with a lot and doesn't make you look dead. 


If you haven't concluded, this color must be my "summer color!" This color is bright and fun, and it's the type of color I wouldn't spend a lot of money on, because you can't wear it everyday. I have a feeling that this is a dupe for MAC's "Show Orchid," which is a pro color. So if the MAC color is out of your reach and your price range, this might be the perfect substitute. On your lips, the blue shimmer is subtle but still "there," and it makes this lipstick so unique.

I think both of these shades would look great on just about every skin tone. They are both a bit daring in different ways, but what I love is that you can get them for super cheap, so I never feel guilty if I only wear them a few times. These lipsticks last ages on my lips and never feel dry. While the packaging is a bit "meh," I can get past it because they are a dollar and the product itself is incredible. If you are looking for great makeup on a budget, this line is for you.

What colors form this line are your favorite? I have heard great things about the red!

xx BB

* I am not affiliated with this brand *