November 25, 2012

My Top 10 Fall Nail Polishes || 2012

Hello There!

Today I thought I would show you all some more in-depth swatches and reviews of the polishes from the video I just did. Have you seen it? I made a video about my top 10 nail polishes for this fall and winter. Because I like to see products up close and personal, I thought you might like to too! 

Revlon- Carbonite::

I cannot stress how opaque this polish is or how quickly it dries. It is so beautiful, but I love it because it is not quite a silver, and it looks like opaque glitter on your nails. Ooooh yeah! If you can still find this lovely polish in stores I highly recommend picking it up. This is the kind of metallic shade that looks unique and different yet classic and chic at the same time. So many adjectives!

 Butter London- Wallis::

This is such a popular color, and I can see why. On your nails it looks like an opaque glitter polish. However, what is so complex is that the glitter looks like it is moss green with a gold duo-chrome, and it looks like the polish is on top of a black base. It is quite expensive, but it is worth the cost. I would not be recommending this polish if I thought there was a cheaper alternative! I don't love the formula, because it takes about three coats to be completely opaque, but the color is just spectacular.

Essie- Aremed and Ready::

This is a new shade from Essie that is perfect for this season. Army greens and grays are very popular this fall and winter, and this is the perfect combination of both. Plus, there is a slight gold shimmer that really makes this polish unique and a must-have. I have never seen a color like this! I applied two coats and it was opaque. But beware! The more coats you apply, the more subtle the gold shimmer is. This is a beautiful, and super trendy, color for this autumn.

Essie- Mochacino::

If you described what this polish looks like to me, I would have never thought that I would like it. But what I love is that this polish is a classic gray color with a cool twist. There is tons of silver micro glitter running throughout the polish, and it is so pretty. However, this is a really sheer color, so it may take three coats to get opaque. But what I love about Essie is that the formula rarely gets gloopy, so layering coats is never a problem for me. This color is so pretty and, like I said, grays are really popular this season.

Essie- Merino Cool::

While all of the grays I have mentioned thus far have had shimmer, I think it's just as important to have a shade in your collection that has a cream finish. I love my neutral gray shades, but what I love about this shade in particular is that it has a purple undertone that makes a gray polish look slightly more feminine. It's so pretty! Almost all of the polishes I love for fall are super unique and are "undupeable." This color is no exception. It is opaque in two coats.

Orly- Country Club Khaki::

I really think a nude is a staple in anyone's nail polish collection, whether it be a pink-nude or a taupe-nude. I have both, but I think this color is nice because it is a taupe-based nude that is cool toned and therefore more suited for fall and winter. Plus, Orly polishes glide on like a dream and have great lasting power. This is a newly discovered brand for me, and I am in love! I wanted a color that could give me the "nude nail" look, because I think it looks so chic, and this is the perfect polish. This color is opaque in two coats.

Revlon Colorstay- Vintage Rose::

I first want to say that I love the formula of this line! They also glide on beautifully, but the finish is very "gel like," and this color is opaque in two coats. You could even get away with one, but I always do two to be safe. This shade is so classic, and sometimes you have to stock up on your classic everyday colors that don't have a "je ne sais crois." This deep rose color would look great on every skin tone, and, while it is slightly more pricey than the original Revlon line, it is still great deal.

Essie- Skirting the Issue:: [lost the footage!]

In the bottle, I thought this color was going to be a lot darker, like an almost-black red. But I still love that it is a beautiful wine color. I have a lot of deep purples, but I don't have a lot of deep reds, and this colors fits in between the two categories. It takes about two coats to be opaque, but you could layer on the coats and get a darker color. This is from the new fall collection and, while I think all of the colors from the fall collection are stunning, this shade is a real gem.

China Glaze- Call of the Wild:: [lost the footage!]

I do not own a lot of China Glaze, but I love this shade, and I love the formula! I had this color on my nails, and it lasted me a whole week with only slight wear. This color is also very complex because it is  a deep purple-red color but there is a hint of brown that makes this color really cool and special. I love my dark vampy shades, and this polish is my new favorite. Out of my top 10, this polish is probably my favorite. Plus, it's opaque in one coat! If I could recommend one color for autumn, it would be this.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Blue Rose::

I love this color because it isn't a light blue, but it also is not quite a navy. It's that perfect in-between. I also really love that it is almost a jewel-tone, but I would consider it to be a deep dusty blue. It's gorgeous. This line is great because all of the colors are opaque in one coat. This polish would look lovely on almost all skin tones, and I think the color is just fabulous, and classic as well.

I hope this was helpful for you guys to see some of my favorite polishes of the season! Don't forget to check out the video I filmed all about these colors down below! 

What are some of your favorite fall and winter polishes?

xx BB