July 31, 2012

Bright and Bronzed || A Sunny LOTD

Hello There!

Today is a special themed LOTD in honor of my themed blog week- "Fun In The Sun!" I thought I would share a sunblock that is absolutely fantastic!

 This sun tan lotion by Alba is creamy and smells very tropical. I love using it on my face, because it is creamy, not oily. Plus, it's a bit more pricey for a bit less product than the average sunblock, so I feel so fancy when I use it on my face! Oh the little things. I generally love Alba products, and this product is no exception. The entire line is paraben free and doesn't test on animals, among other things. I am so pleased with this lotion, and I will definitely be trying more Alba products in the future.

This line of organic and yummy-smelling products is sold at Target. Isn't everything sold at Target?

On a side note, I really enjoyed taking photos outside today! The lighting was lovely, and it was a nice change from "shooting" inside. I think I prefer taking photos by the pool.

Pool Shot!

What Alba products have you tried?

xx BB

Hautelook Alert!

Hello There!

Hautelook has been having some awesome deals recently, and this sale is no exception. NYX cosmetics is having a flash sale! Woopie! All of their already bargain products are now even cheaper.


If you miss the sale, HERE'S the link to a website that
sells NYX cosmetics for great prices!

I love the sales on Hautelook! What would you like to see on their site in the future?

xx BB

July 30, 2012

Blog Week || Fun In The Sun!

Hello There!

Today I am debuting a new series that will be a week of themed posts; this week the theme is "Fun In The Sun!"Throughout the week I will be posting little tid bits based around the beach, tanning, and all things sunny!

I am looking forward to making these posts, and I hope you will let me know if you enjoy these themed weeks! What themed weeks would you like to see in the future?

xx BB

Interactive! 7 Things For 7 Days! || August

Hello There!

Today I thought would take up Sprinkleofglitter's post idea called 7 Things For 7 Days. It's a great way to challenge yourself to do things, and then actually go through with them! So I thought I would share a few things I would like to accomplish:

HERE'S the blog post to join in the fun!

Exercise:: More! While I do exercise, I would love to more. Plus, exercise is so good for me, because it makes me happy!

Eat Healthily:: I love my Special K, but I need to start reaching for the apples more than the cookies or cereal. I really should eat more fruit and veggies. 

Craft:: There are some things in my craft drawer I would like to make, and I have some ideas for jewelry pieces. I bought the materials, I just got to sit down and make them!

Journal:: I have been trying to do this more recently, and I would like to journal daily. I have a blog post coming on how I think journaling is good for the soul, and it's true! It feels good to get your feelings out. 

Check Off My List:: I have been making loads of lists lately about things I need for school. There are a few basic pieces, like leggings and scarves, that I would like to stock up on. Plus, I need to feed my cosmetic obsession, which leads me to my next point:

Shop Less:: I love to shop, but money doesn't grow on trees! I have been working over the summer, but once school starts I can't keep buying makeup and clothes. 

Enjoy:: Enjoy summer, and life! School starts for me soon, so I want to soak up the sun and enjoy not being stressed for as long as possible. There are great things to do in California, and I would love to take up the opportunity to enjoy some of the great sights in town.

This will last all month, so at the end of August I will let you know if I followed through with my challenge!

Try this yourself, and let me know how it goes! Join in the fun!

xx BB

July 29, 2012

Easy Peasy || NOTD

Hello There!

I thought I would share this nail design, inspired by MissJenFABULOUS on Youtube! She is so creative with her nail designs, so if you aspire to have more fun and different nails, check her out!
Anywho, THIS design was very easy. 

Base color:

 Number 10, Spring Awakening


 Beauty Concepts Nail Color (There is no name-sorry!)

 Nicole by OPI, Shop around the clock

Essie, Turquoise and Caicos

Essie, Carry On

Essie, Chinchilly

Maybelline Express Finish, Summer and Spice

What creative things have you all been doing on your nails? Share in the comments!

xx BB


Hello There! 

Just a quick announcement that I have "claimed" my blog on bloglovin! It's a great site to find blogs, so go blog hunting! If you click THIS link, it will take you to bloglovin. I am still learning the ropes of the site, but I would love for you to go find me!

What blogs have you been loving recently?

xx BB

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July 28, 2012

My Thoughts: The Dead Sea Collection

Hello There!

I thought I would share my thoughts on some bargain brand skincare- the best kind! Today it is the Dead Sea Collection Mud Mask and Facial Cleansing Cream, both with dead sea minerals. I will point out, however, that I discovered this line of products in Big Lots, a super-discounted "T K Maxx" in the United States. So unfortunately some foreign friends may not find this range of products. Nevertheless, I thought I would give my two cents on two of the products I picked up from the skin care line. This is a bit of a long post, so grab a hot beverage and your fuzzy socks, and plop yourself down in a comfy chair. Enjoy!

I was skeptical of these products for one main reason: were they really from the Dead Sea? Was this all a hoax? For those who may not know, the Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea, is a body of water located in Israel. It is famous for waters much more dense than many oceans because of the amount of salt in it, making it easy for people to float on the water. Science! Anywho, people claim this magical sea gives them lovely skin. And who could resist the price?- just $2.50 for the cleansing cream, and $3.50 for the mask! Well, to ease your minds, I looked on the back of the packaging, and the tubes both said  "not tested on animals"and " made in Israel," so it must be true!

For each review post, I thought I would discuss each aspect of the product by category:

Packaging: Nothing fancy-smancy, but I really cannot complain for the price. I do prefer masks to be packaged in pots, like my coveted Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask. However, this product was slightly more watery, so I did not find that it changed the performance of the product, and it was still easy to get out of the tube. As for the cleansing cream, it did not take one squeeze to get out! Being such a liquid-y product, it just flowed right out of the tube. This was good and bad, but again, it was not an important factor for me. 

Price: Like I said, the prices were right up my street! I am a bargain gal, after all. This brand also has a few hair products, but I decided to just stick to stick to the skin care. I'm a bit of a skin care junky!

Picture: The cleansing cream reminds me of a light "daytime" type moisturizer- white, milky.  This was my first go at a cleansing cream; I usually use foaming cleansers. As for the mud mask, it was a greenish brown color- thick, but slightly watery. Not the most pleasing to look at, but if it works, it works!

 Performance: I think I'll break this one into two parts:
Mud Mask- This product was easy to apply to the skin, as I did not have to pull my skin to spread the mask. I apply a generous amount of the mask to my face. When I don't do a "full face," I will just apply the product to my forehead, nose, and jaw line. I call this my "I" zone. I will say, if you do not have a high pain tolerance, stay away, because OH-MY-GOODNESS. The burning sensation was nothing I have ever felt before. Frankly, it felt like my face was giving birth. Yikes! I left the mask on for two hours, and the burning sensation lasted for only five minutes, although it did feel like a century had gone by before it stopped. An initial turn-off. After letting the mask dry on my face, it did not crack, like other masks, so if you don't like little flakes of mask in your bed, this might sway you. Also, it felt smooth, not tacky, and it felt like there was a slight thin, oily residue on top of the mask.

Cleansing Cream- This product says to apply to remove makeup, but I used it after a makeup remover to remove excess residue, and as a general cleanser as well. I was a bit confused, as the tube said to keep away from eyes, so I will assume one would just use this product to remove face makeup? This product does not require water,  and it glides on your skin like a lotion. I use a cotton pad to apply. There is no feeling on the skin (i.e. tingling, burning) and it stays a bit tacky for the two minutes I leave it on my face.

Post Product: I removed the mask with warm water and washcloth (you may have to scrub) and my skin felt like an absolute dream. Hands down, the softest my skin has ever felt. If you are a bit older, or you just have dry or crepe-y skin, and you have a high pain tolerance, this might be a good product for you. It also gave my skin a slightly glowing look, and overall my skin felt purified and refreshed. As for the cleansing cream, it came off easily with luke warm water, and, while it did leave my skin feeling smooth, I wasn't overly impressed with the product's results.

Overall Thoughts: Overall, I think these products would be great for someone who has some dry patches on their skin, and slight crepe-yness. For an oily-skinned girl like me, with extreme acne prone skin, I feel like I am always on the hunt for the perfect acne treatment, and this clearly was not it. After coming to realize that this line of products was not created to help get rid of acne, I would conclude that, if you have lovely skin and want to further enhance it, or if you have dry or older skin that needs a little glow, these might be some great affordable options for you. Would I purchase it again? No. Would I recommend it to others? Perhaps. I just wanted to try some "exotic" skincare without the price tag. Let me know if you have tried this line! Is there anything that I should pick up?

xx BB

July 27, 2012

Guess What's on Hautelook?

Hello There!

I am so excited! The Olympics AND Crown Brush! Woot :) 

Today Crown Brush, a lovely and great quality brush company, is on Hautelook! I know I will be snatching up some of these brushes quick! There are some great bargains!


If you miss the sale, here's the website!

Crown Brush

What bargains are you loving?

xx BB

*I am not sponsored by Hautelook*

Geometric Godess || LOTD

Hello There!

Today I thought I would share two cute and inexpensive pieces of jewelry I have found on Ebay recently! This gorgeous geometric necklace is super cheap and a great alternative to the famous "House of Harlow" necklace. it's only $3.00!

Another piece I have found is a great alternative to the famous "Golden Goose" bracelet form Jewelmint. This piece looks more antique, and it does not have any jewels on it, but otherwise the two bracelets are extremely similar.

The Jewelmint bracelet looks like this. While to some, these may not look alike, the price makes up for it: it's only $0.99! This is a complete bargain compared to the Jewlemint bracelet which retails for about thirty dollars. 

Because both pieces are so funky and different, I don't think I will be wearing either too much (yes, I purchased them!), so it's nice to get something trendy that's inexpensive too! I hate feeling like I've wasted money!

What inexpensive, trendy pieces have you found?

xx BB

July 25, 2012

Key Earrings || A How To

Hello There!

 Today I thought I would show you all an inexpensive way to make some beautiful earrings! I recently went to a wedding, and the bride had mad some beautiful place cards with loads of different keys on the cards. She claimed it was the "key to our seat!" How cute! Naturally, I had to take all the cards from the guests who did not show up, and from the guests who left without taking their cards. If it makes you feel better, I made some earrings from the keys for the bride, so the theft was justified :) Anyhwo, it is just so easy, I thought I would show you how it's done! Here's what you will need:

just three materials!
4mm open jump rings
keys of your choice; sterling silver earring hooks in style of choice
long nose pliers; round nose pliers

1. Pull a jump ring apart with pliers by holding the jump ring with the long nose pliers and pulling the jump ring apart with the round nose rings.
2. Pop the earring hook and the key on the open jump ring
3. Use the pliers to close the jump ring, and overlap the ends over each other slightly, just to ensure they don't come apart
4. Enjoy!

This is a fun and easy DIY that is inexpensive, and you can customize your earrings with different cool and unique keys! 

What DIY projects are you enjoying?

xx BB

Look At Me Go!

Hello There!

I just thought I would inform you that I am very pleased with myself. This is because I have discovered the magic of editing- FOR FREE! Hoorah! It's a great place, called pic monkey, where you can edit photos , with great editing features. This means I will now have more cute and professional photos for all of you, and that's something to celebrate!

Try out this editing site for yourself, and let me know what you all think!

xx BB

Colorful Clothes || LOTD

Hello There!

Today I thought I would share some clothing pieces I am loving recently. I really enjoy pieces that are easy to throw on, but colorful and fun for the summer, and these two pieces are perfect examples. Both of these items I got at awesome prices! The shorts were on sale at PacSun, and I found the flannel at a charity shop for about one eighth of the retail price!

I would never put these pieces together, but I love pairing the flannel from American Eagle Outfitters with leggings, and the shorts from PacSun with a plain white or black T- Shirt. Both of these pieces are great quality too! Even though these exact pieces may not be available in store, there are so many similar options for people with all different price points!

What pieces are you loving for summer? If you enjoy these types of posts, do follow this blog!

xx BB

July 24, 2012

Dupe Tuesday!

Hello There!

Today I thought I would premiere a new series, called "Dupe Tuesday." Being the bargain girl that I am, I am always looking for new dupes that trump the more expensive options in the department store! 

Todays dupe is for a Lancome eyeshadow, called "Chocolate Brûlée." This is a gorgeous, creamy warm chocolate brown shade that is perfect for defining the crease. There are loads of high end matte chocolate brown eyeshadows, but I think Covergirl's "Brown Smoulder" is an awesome option from the drugstore.


While both shadows may not swatch as well as some other matte brown eyeshadows, I can vouch that they are both beautiful in practice. I use the Covergirl shadow on my brows too! Although the Lancome color is not available anymore, "Fashion Label" is an identical color. This single shadow retails for $18.00, and Lancome palettes retail for about $49.00! Yeesh! However, the Covergirl single  shadow retails for only $5.00! What a bargain! I  personally think that a deep matte brown is an essential in any makeup collection, and this is a fantastic, inexpensive option. Plus, you get a ton of product, and I know it will last me a while. 

What are some of your makeup essentials? 


July 23, 2012

Just a Quick Thank You!

Hello There!

Today I just noticed that I have gotten over 125 views on my blog! While for some this is only a small feat, for me it is a huge accomplishment. I thank you all for your support.

But wait! You can follow me as well! Just click the "Join this site" button on the left side of my blog, just below "Who Am I," and you will be able to follow what I do! It would mean the world to me, and I am so grateful for all the love!

I have some great things planned, so keep your eyes peeled!

xx BB

My Organizing Obsession!

Hello There! 

Because I am not organizing my schoolwork during the summer, recently I have been making lists for things I want or would like to do. I can't live without lists; it's the only thing that keeps me organized!

I  always write loads on my lists, so that I can cross off even the little things, and it makes me feel accomplished. I keep most of my little lists in this book. I love that it has three sections, each of a different color. I also has a pink ribbon to mark my most recent list. Not to mention it's cute!

I just love making lists! What keeps you organized? Let me know in the comments!

xx BB

July 22, 2012

A Pick Me Up || LOTD

Hello There!

Today I was looking at Sprinkleofglitter's blog, and I found she has been doing something called a "LOTD," or "Love of The Day." I was inspired, and I thought it might be a good idea! I most likely will not do this everyday, but today I came across a lovely quote, and I thought I would share it with you all:

I just thought this quote was much more truthful than mushy. I love those sayings that not everyone says, and that make you think a bit more throughout your day. What profound little tid bits have you found on the world wide web? Share them in the comments!

xx BB

July 21, 2012

Current Loves!

Hello There!

Today I thought I would just write more of a chatty post about some things I have been loving lately. This is not my July favorites- I may talk about some monthly favorites at another time. Anywho:

Some Bloggy Loves:
Louise is a lovely blogger/vlogger/mummy who lives in England, with some cute baby and beauty tricks up her sleeve! She takes fabulous photos on her blog, and she always talks about new, adorable things out in the world. Not to mention she has one of the cutest babies I have even seen! Do take a look, she is just lovely, and let her know I say "Aloha!" (While you're at it, you might as well subscribe to her youtube channel: Sprinkleofglitter!)   

Emily is also known as Emilynoel83 on youtube, and I would consider this lovely beauty guru to be one of the most informative on the web! She has knowledge on a wide range of products- from drugstore to high end- and she is great at finding bargains! Also, she does fabulous "dupe" videos, for those like me who are on a budget! I love her channel for creative and original tutorials, and I enjoy her blog for in depth reviews on on-trend products. She is always updating both her blog and her channel, so go check her out! And for all you cat lovers, you may find a common obsession. 

Some Cosmetic-y Type Loves:
Milani Baked Blush- Coralina
I just LOOOVE this color! It is flattering on so many skin tones, and it has an affordable price tag- who could ask for more! While the packaging is slightly bulky, I find that the product itself really makes up for it. It has great pigmentation, awesome staying power, and I found that the shimmer was not as overwhelming on my cheeks as expected. This was a recent purchase of mine, because of Emilynoel83, and I have really enjoyed it. It's a lovely color for summer, and I know I will be picking up more.

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers
I have three of these, and I am hooked! These little lip balms top the Revlon lip butters, in my opinion. I own three shades: papaya, nutmeg, and raisin, and I love them all for different reasons. I find papaya and nutmeg are great shimmer-y neutral shades, with a slight peachy undertone, that go with everything, while raisin is the more subtle take on a slightly vamp-yer color. They are all so wearable and extremely moisturizing. The pigmentation is fabulous, and they have a delicious flavor! And, for only five dollars, versus the lip butters with can range from six to nine dollars, I find I reach more for my "shimmers" than I do for my "butters."



Some Musical Loves:
For those who like more alternative music, this is your man. British born, his music is described as "electronic, soul, dub step." If that is not the weirdest combination!  It's the type of music you listen to in the evening when you need to stay awake, something I need all the time. He's a great lyricist too. His music is very different, and each song on his new album is unique. I don't want an album of thirteen of the same song! Yeesh! My favorite songs are "Treading Water, Hummingbird," and "Tightrope." 

Ed Sheeran seems to be very much like Adele- he just burst onto the American music scene, and now we just cannot get enough. I learned about him from One Direction, who mentioned in an interview that he wrote their song "One Thing" (I know I know, I'm obsessed). Ever since, I have been hooked. He is an amazing lyricist, and his music is very calm. He is also British born, and his music is described as "folk, acoustic." He is more mainstream that Alex Clare, and, for those who prefer more relaxing music, I would highly recommend his album "+." My favorite songs are "Drunk" and "Little Bird"

(Psst! You can find all these songs on Spotify for free!)

Some Random Loves:
Mr. Leo

He is my current love and my screensaver this month! I like to switch my screensaver up depending on my current obsessions, so keep your eyes peeled.

Banana Bread

This gets better with age too! I have made this a few times now, with some overly ripe bananas and this recipe. It's delish! You can have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and it's gooey and sweet and delicious. And get creative! Add different fruits or nuts and make it your own. For those who aren't baking wizards, this is pretty simple, and doesn't take as long as the recipe says, I promise!

I will mix it up in future "Current Loves" posts and talk about different things (i.e.skincare, perfume, books). What have you been loving recently? What products/ recipes/ music should I try out? 

xx BB

July 20, 2012

Quick Announcement!

Hello There!

Just thought I would let you know that The Balm cosmetics is on Hautelook! For those who do not know, Hautelook is a flash sale website, and right now some of their products are on sale! You know I love a good deal!

The Balm 
Go check it out, and let me know what you find!

xx BB

What's On My Toes? || NOTD

Hello There!

I thought I would just let you know what's on my toesies! I don't have polish on my nails at the moment, but this fun, bright green is great for summer, and so affordable!

This is a "Sally Hansen Insta- Dri" Polish, in the shade"Mint Sprint." I have a few other shades from the line, but this is my favorite. I love this bright color on my toes for summer! The best thing about this polish is that it is completely opaque in one medium-thick coat! So, for those impatient ladies like me who can never wait for their nails to dry, now you don't have to wait quite as long. And the price is fabulous! Throughout drugstores it may range anywhere from three to five dollars. One fault to this polish is that it does not quite live up to its name- I find it dries just as quickly as any other polish. This line is still available in drugstores in America! I apologize to those in other countries who may have trouble finding these products. Perhaps I need to give some away? Hmmm...

What colors are you loving this season? Let me know, and I may just pick some up!

xx BB

July 19, 2012

Why Hello There!

My name is Annabel, and I am a new blogger in town. In addition to creating a new blog, I have also created a new youtube account! I am really diving in the beauty world. I may have too much free time... Anywho, I thought I would tell you a few things about me:

First, I am 14 years old, growing up in California. After discovering some lovely beauty gurus on youtube, I got addicted to both their channels and their blogs, I figured I would take it up as a hobby myself.

Why the name? Well, being raised in both California and London, England, I decided that the combination of two of my favorite places in the world ( Britain, America ) would be a perfect name for both a blog and a youtube channel.

What will I chat about? Among other things, beauty. Reviews, tags, etc. I will try to keep hauls to a minimum, but sometimes the deals get the best of me! What can a cosmetic- obsessed girl do? So leave a comment letting me know what you would like to see on this blog. I will do my best to upload as frequently as possible, even through the school year when things get a bit hectic.

I hope you enjoy my bloggy-bits!

xx BB