July 31, 2012

Bright and Bronzed || A Sunny LOTD

Hello There!

Today is a special themed LOTD in honor of my themed blog week- "Fun In The Sun!" I thought I would share a sunblock that is absolutely fantastic!

 This sun tan lotion by Alba is creamy and smells very tropical. I love using it on my face, because it is creamy, not oily. Plus, it's a bit more pricey for a bit less product than the average sunblock, so I feel so fancy when I use it on my face! Oh the little things. I generally love Alba products, and this product is no exception. The entire line is paraben free and doesn't test on animals, among other things. I am so pleased with this lotion, and I will definitely be trying more Alba products in the future.

This line of organic and yummy-smelling products is sold at Target. Isn't everything sold at Target?

On a side note, I really enjoyed taking photos outside today! The lighting was lovely, and it was a nice change from "shooting" inside. I think I prefer taking photos by the pool.

Pool Shot!

What Alba products have you tried?

xx BB