July 25, 2012

Key Earrings || A How To

Hello There!

 Today I thought I would show you all an inexpensive way to make some beautiful earrings! I recently went to a wedding, and the bride had mad some beautiful place cards with loads of different keys on the cards. She claimed it was the "key to our seat!" How cute! Naturally, I had to take all the cards from the guests who did not show up, and from the guests who left without taking their cards. If it makes you feel better, I made some earrings from the keys for the bride, so the theft was justified :) Anyhwo, it is just so easy, I thought I would show you how it's done! Here's what you will need:

just three materials!
4mm open jump rings
keys of your choice; sterling silver earring hooks in style of choice
long nose pliers; round nose pliers

1. Pull a jump ring apart with pliers by holding the jump ring with the long nose pliers and pulling the jump ring apart with the round nose rings.
2. Pop the earring hook and the key on the open jump ring
3. Use the pliers to close the jump ring, and overlap the ends over each other slightly, just to ensure they don't come apart
4. Enjoy!

This is a fun and easy DIY that is inexpensive, and you can customize your earrings with different cool and unique keys! 

What DIY projects are you enjoying?

xx BB