June 12, 2013

Mauve Mouth

Hello There!

Recently I have been in love with wearing mauve-colored lipsticks, and I have found a few that I really like. I can't pull off nude lipsticks, so mauve are my best option for a neutral look. Here are three of my favorite shades, both drugstore and high end:

Palladio Meadow Sweet::

I love this color because it is a purple-based mauve shade, and it looks really lovely with some deep purple eyeshadow. I also love the formula of Palladio lipsticks! Not only do they smell really good, but they glide on smooth and have great longevity. They are also fairly inexpensive, at just six bucks a pop. You can find Palladio products at Ulta.

Revlon Sassy Mauve::

This is a rediscovery in my collection, and I have fallen back in love with this color. Unlike the Palladio lipstick, it is a pink-based mauve, so I think it might work with more skin tones. I also love the formula of Revlon lipsticks because they have a glossy finish that is really lovely and natural looking. I find that the Revlon formula is comparable to more high end lipsticks, with a great price tag. They are only five dollars! What a steal.

MAC Modesty::

If you are looking for a more high end lipstick, then this is a great option. It's a combination of the last two; a bit of purple and pink. I love MAC lipsticks because of their amazing pigmentation and their serious longevity. This is from the "cream sheen" range, so it is slightly more matte than the other two. They are fifteen dollars, which makes them a bit of a splurge, but it's a great everyday color so I feel okay spending a bit more on it.

I hope this helped you find some great new lipsticks that would go with just about every look, and in any price range too.

What are some of your favorite mauve lipsticks?

xx BB