June 17, 2013

Physician's Formula Baked Eyeshadows

Hello There!

I have been shopping my stash recently, and I have refallen in love with the Physician's Formula baked eyeshadows. I have two natural trios that are fantastic for everyday wear. When I first bought them I found them to be average, but I have grown to love them. Let me show you why!

First, I hate the packaging. It's round and bulky and is hard to store. Not a deal breaker, but it's just a bit of a problem. Other than that, the only problem I can find with these eyeshadows is that they can be a bit powder-y. Yet, despite the fact that they can be a bit powder-y, they are quite pigmented! The packaging says that these shadows can be worn wet or dry. However, like most baked eyeshadows, wearing them wet is always better! Worn wet, these shadows are more vibrant and metallic, and just gorgeous. But they are lovely dry too. They are shimmery and soft and nice for a light wash of color on the lid. 

Overall, I think these shadows are beautiful for everyday wear worn dry, and gorgeous and metallic when worn wet. The best part about these shadows is that you can find them in Big Lots, a discount shop, for only 3.50! 

What are some of your favorite everyday shadows?

xx BB