June 9, 2013


Hello There!

I have always believed in something I heard on "The Office" years ago: when describing business interactions, Dwight said, "K.I.S.S: keep it simple stupid." Not only did I find this hilarious, but I have applied it to life. I was having a drama-filled day today, and I found this quote and it just made me think: why can't everyone just do this?

Why do people beat around the bush to save someone else's feelings? If I did something to upset you, or if I need to her something, tell me! I am sure it will be resolved better than ignoring me and hoping the problem will go away, or waiting for me to apologize for doing something I did not even know I did. Please, if you feel like it would be better to let it go and stay out of someone's way, it probably isn't. Talk to them, like normal humans. And if you want something, go get it. We only get one life, so don't spend it ignoring people and waiting for things to come your way. Keep it simple, stupid.

What's something you wish people would do?

xx BB