May 13, 2016

the wet n wild photofocus range | a review

Hello there!

I haven't reviewed new products on the blog in a long time, and that is mainly because I have been so determined to finish products I already own. It explains all the posts about empty products! So today I thought I would share two new products I tried from the new Wet N Wild PhotoFocus range. There are four items in this line, including a eye primer and a face primer. But I was more excited about the setting spray and the lash primer. Setting sprays have only been recently introduced to the drugstore, and the only products released have been at least ten dollars. So when I saw that this setting spray was only five bucks I threw it in my basket immediately! I also wanted to try the lash primer, because lash primers are so expensive in departments stores, and I wanted to see if Wet N Wild could make a lash primer that battled the more expensive options. Here are my thoughts:

[lash primer]

I was interested to try this lash primer because I have only tried very expensive lash primers. Lash primers don't really exist in the drugstore, so I was excited to see that there was finally a more reasonably-priced option. I love the brush on this primer; it's a big bristle brush that grabs very lash and coats them thoroughly. I liked that the color of the primer doesn't apply as white on the lashes as it is in the tube, because sometimes when a lash primer is too white it can end up making your lashes look grey once you apply your mascara. After applying this primer, I had high hopes that it would do amazing things for my lashes. But I have to be honest and say that this primer was not spectacular. I liked that it made my lashes look a little thicker, but it did not add a ton of length, and did not help my lashes hold a curl. In fact, I think the added thickness from the primer made my lashes heavier, which caused my lashes to droop and look a little limp by the end of the day. If you find an amazing mascara, it will do all the things you need a primer to do. In the end, I think that a lash primer is just an extra unnecessary step, and testing this primer proved that. Skip the lash primer and grab a good mascara instead, like the Physician's Formula Organic Wear mascara or the Essence I Love Extreme mascara. 

rp: 5.00

[setting spray]

Because the performance of the lash primer was so poor, I had low expectations for this setting spray. But I was pleasantly surprised! This setting spray does all kinds of good things for my makeup, and every aspect of this product impressed me. I liked the packaging of this spray from the get-go; it is a small bottle, which I liked because it was easy to throw in a purse for touch-ups throughout the day. It has a really good nozzle that gives a full spray; instead of spraying product straight onto the face and ruining my makeup, like I have found some sprays to do, this setting spray mists the face really well. I apply this product before I start my foundation and after I finish my makeup. It helps my foundation blend beautifully into the skin, and gives my makeup more of an airbrushed finish. It keeps my makeup from having a cake-y or powder-y finish, and I find that I have a glow when I use this product, but I don't look oily. But the best part of this setting spray is that it really improves the longevity of my makeup! My makeup doesn't break down on my skin, and it looks really great at the end of the day! I was surprised to find that my skin didn't look dull or grey at the end of the day, and it is definitely because of this setting spray. And for the price, it is a must-have! I would highly recommend grabbing it the next time you are at the drugstore. 

rp: 5.00

I hope that this post was helpful and informative! In my opinion, I think the setting spray was a hit and the lash primer was an unfortunate miss. But let me know if you decide to test out either of these products for yourself, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

What have you tried recently from the the new photofocus line?

xx BB