September 19, 2013

wish, want, want | etsy #6

Hello There!

I flipped through the ol' pages of Etsy again, and fell in love with a few quirky and cute pieces that I thought I would share with you. 


I love this quirky kitty scarf. I have been looking for a cat scarf for a long time, and this one is a bright coral shade with cute cats under street lights. I think it's a fun piece with a lot of character that can transition well from summer to fall.

This "fish bone" bracelet is such a cool idea. I like that it is not obviously a fish bone bracelet, yet it looks like a fish bone when you look a little closer. It's also a dainty piece, so I can easily stack it on top of my rose gold watch and other gold pieces.

I have a few turquoise rings, but I can never have too many! I like this one because it has a floral design on the band and it is smaller than my other turquoise rings. This ring comes in a million different sizes, so you can get the perfect size for you, and pair it with black or lavender clothing, like I like to do. 

This bag is a beauty. I have one or two other Dooney bags, and I wear them non-stop because they have lasted for ages and their wear gives them more character. I like this bag in particular because it has a strap, so it can be worn across the body or on your arm. Plus, it is super roomy, so you can fit just about anything in it! I love big bags. This store also supplies all kinds of bags from Dooney, from tote to backpack styles.
This geometric black necklace is cool because it is a short necklace with a "choker" type fit. It is such a classic piece because black and gold works with just about everything. I also like that it is short, so it will not hang awkwardly across tops. It is slightly expensive for a necklace, but I would get so much use out of such a classic piece.

I love all of these pieces because they all have a bit of character that makes them quirky and fun, yet still classic. Quirky yet classic is sort of my fashion taste, so I would get tons of wear out of all of these pieces.

Have you found anything on Etsy that you just love?

xx BB