September 1, 2013

Save or Splurge? | Lavender Shadow

Hello There!

I thought I would do another "save or splurge" on one of my favorite colors of shadow- lavender. It is one of my favorite colors to wear year round, because it adds color to the face and brightens the eyes. But, if you buy the wrong one they can be sheer and flak-y. So, is it worth it to buy high end or drugstore shadows? I will rate each product on a scale of A+ to F.


Maybelline Expert Wear: Twilight Rays-

This kit contains eight shadows, two of which are lavender shadows. One is a more icy shade, while the other has a more mauve-toned, and both are very frosty. The product itself it pigmented, but the problem lies in the formula. They are soft, almost too soft; they come off a bit flaky. When you pack them on the lid, however, they are workable. I would give them C+.

Rimmel Glam Eyes: Fever-

This trio consists of three shades of lavender, from an almost white shade to a deep lavender. These, unlike the Maybelline shades, have a more matte finish, which is why the formula is so chalky. The formula is dry and flakes off very easily. The trio is difficult to work with. I would give this product a D-. 


Jemma Kidd Hi-Design Eye Colour: Sashay-

Ugh, I love this shade. It is so soft and pigmented, however, it is not as pigmented as some of the other lavender shadows I have found. I would use my finger to apply this product to get a concentrated look on the lid. This lavender shadow is more cool-toned, and has a shimmer finish, but nothing super-frosty. I really like this product, so I would give it a B+.

Stila: Charm-

I saved the best for last! This shadow is amazing. It is so soft and pigmented, and has a light shimmer finish. Surprisingly, the shadow is not that shimmer-y, but it is not flaky at all. The coolest part about this shadow is that it is a mid-tone lavender shade with blue and silver iridescent finely-milled glitter. You could wear a light wash for everyday, or pack on the color for a cool party look. This is the most expensive shadow of the bunch, but it is so worth it. I would give this shadow an A!

Overall, I think if you want a great shadow, it would be better to splurge on one or two fabulous high-end shades, like the ones I have mentioned. 

I am sure I will find some amazing lavender shadows at the drugstore at some point, but for now I say that high-end shadows win!

What's your favorite lavender shadow?

xx BB