September 20, 2013

Are you Red-y?

Hello There!

Sometimes pulling off a red lip is difficult to do, but it's also tricky to figure out which shade looks best on your skin tone. So I figured I would make pulling off a bold, bright lip a little more easy by sharing what shades of red would look best on what skin tones. I don't think that one shade would not look good on someone, or that you cannot wear a shade, but these are the colors I would recommend for your skin tone. With all of these colors, remember to use a lip liner so the color lasts longer and does not feather or bleed.

If you have a cooler undertone in your skin, I would recommend a red with a cooler undertone to match. Lots of girls with fair skin have a pink undertone to the complexion, so I would choose a red with a pink undertone. I know this sounds crazy, but a red with a pink undertone looks fabulous on girls with a pink undertone to their skin. It will look fresh and fun, and won't be too dark or harsh.

On the other hand, if you have a warmer undertone to your skin, I would choose a lip product with a warm tone to it. Girls who have an olive skin tone, for example, should go with with a lipstick with an orange undertone to accentuate the warm tones in their skin.

If you have a very dark or chocolate-y complexion, I would choose a jewel-tone lipstick. Anything that is too light may wash you out or may look ash-y on your lips. Rich lip colors will also bring out the rich tones in your skin and look really lovely.

However, if you are in the shops and want a neutral toned lipstick, a lip product with a blue undertone will look good on just about anyone. A blue-toned red will be light enough for pale-skinned girls, but so light that it will wash out a darker-skinned girl's complexion. The blue undertones in a neutral red lipstick will also make your teeth look super white and gorgeous.

I love how red lips make me feel. With a bright lip on, I feel confident a fun. But for some, a bright red lip is too much. So for those who are apprehensive about wearing a bold shade of red, I would recommend a sheer wash of color, like the Revlon lip butters or the Korres lip butters. Either one will give you a sheer wash of color without overwhelming your look.

What is your favorite way to wear a red lip?

xx BB