September 21, 2012

Rainbow Leaves- Fall Is Here!

Hello There!

Today I thought I would talk about the elephant in the room: summer is ending, and fall colors and trends are popping up everywhere. While it is not quite obvious yet that it is fall ( I am on the way to the beach as we speak ) you can feel a new season setting in. In fact, tomorrow is the first day of fall! So to take my mind off the fact that it will be a good 9 months before I celebrate the end of another school year, I thought I would share some things that make me excited for the colder seasons.

Rainbow Leaves:: When fall and winter rolls around, I love to see the leaves change color. I think it is what makes fall one of the most beautiful times of year. I have never heard a poet write about the leaves in spring, or an artist get inspired by the colors of summer. 

Fall Nail Color: As much as I love to wear fun, bright colors on my nails during the summer, I look forward to wearing deep, vampy colors like a burgundy or navy blue. The great thing about dark colors is that if the polish stains, you can just paint your nails with a dark color to cover it up! Problem solved!

Boots: Boots fix everything. They make any outfit look chic and sophisticated, while keeping you warm too! While Uggs are comfy, I find they can sometimes look sloppy, so this year I would love to get a sleek pair of black riding boots. Do you have any pairs you would recommend?

Scarves: While I wear scarves year round, I have more fall-ish scarves, and it makes me excited to throw them on to stay cozy in the cold weather. A comfy sweater, skinnies, and boots could only be better with a patterned or colorful scarf that makes the outfit look more put together. *Hint: Urban Oufitters always has cute scarves in their clearance section. I once got a scarf for $10.00!*

Cold Weather: I know some like the sun, but I personally love the cold weather. I find it easier to dress for cold weather rather than warm weather. Big jumpers and fall colors just makes me darn excited! I miss coming home from school and throwing on some fuzzy socks and sipping some warm tea. Do you miss fall?

I hope you enjoyed this fun "warm and fuzzy" post! I am so excited for it to get cold again! Throughout the months I plan to talk about more things I am loving, like "current favorites" videos, and fall trends too. Are you as excited as I am? Eeek!

What do you love about fall? Scarves? Sweaters? Tea?

xx BB