October 5, 2012

Current Favorites! || September

Hello There!

While the last time I did a favorites post, it was a combination of makeup, music and a mix of everything. But now that I have a Youtube channel I will be discussing my cosmetic favorites there, so today I thought I would share some of my other beauty favorites. 

Youtube/Blog Faves::

Lisa Eldrige:

This Youtuber is fantastic! She is a professional makeup artist who uses models in her tutorials to recreate looks she does on celebs, as well as doing new looks too. When it comes to technique and polished looks, she is someone I look to for fun looks as well as subtle looks. She has a Youtube channel and a website too.


These are two Youtubers that make me think "why do they not have millions of subscribers?" every time I watch them. It's a adorable duo named Shamikah and Molly, who are not only fashionable but hilarious too. They take questions from their viewers and answer them in the form of outfits, which is a creative way to think of new videos. They have a Youtube channel  and a website.

Ebay Fave::

This month I went a bit nuts on Ebay and purchased a few things. While I still have a necklace on the way, a week or two ago I got the pastel bunting bracelet recommended by Sprinkleofglitter, and I "loves" it! It was $2.99 and worth every inexpensive penny. It is really good quality and the colors are beautiful, so I had to instagram it! If you are looking to expand your jewelry collection like me this is a great little find. Warning: while the picture on Ebay shows that the bracelet has mint, lavender, powder blue, and pastel pink triangles, it is actually this bracelet here. They are the same, but the bracelet I purchased was cheaper. 

Music Faves::

One Direction- Live While We're Young:

I know people have their opinions about this band, but my opinion is that they are lovely boys who have nice voices, and I think their newest single is great. It's fun and catchy, and I have had it stuck in my head since tuesday. I will link the music video here, just so you can all marvel over how nice-looking they are.

Can't Stop Won't Stop ft Cam Groves- Toys for Boys:

I heard this song on JacksGap's channel, and I thought it was really good. I have not heard any more work from this artist, but this song is a funky twist on the classic rap, and I will link it here. P.S- there's no swearing! Hehe!

Favorite Store::


I just lurve Ebay! You can find anything you need for less than $10.00. Recently I have been expanding my jewelry collection, and Ebay is perfect for getting the perfect piece you have been looking for without spending a million dollars. Whenever I see beauty gurus with loads of jewelry, I think "You should've gotten it from Ebay!" I have written a few Ebay LOTDs, and plan on writing loads more! I never feel guilty about getting loads of things from Ebay, and I would recommend checking it out if you want fun, trendy pieces on a budget. Can you tell I love Ebay? Ebay Ebay Ebay!

What non-beauty things have you been loving this month?

xx BB