August 31, 2012

Interactive! 7 Things For 7 Days! || September

Hello There!

 August has finally come to an end, and not a moment too soon. I am ready to throw on my boots and chunky sweaters, and get cosy with some hot tea! But I have to admit that I have not exactly followed through with everything I wanted to do.

HERE'S the blog post to join in the fun!

Exercise:: Ha ha! That's funny. After my job a tennis instructor ended, I did not do squat. I just wanted a break from exercise before my insane dance schedule at school. I did exercise this summer, but not quite as much as I would have liked to. 

Eat Healthily:: I do eat healthily, but I was not eating "more healthily" than before. Is that a fail? Who can tell. 

Craft:: I will be making some crafts this weekend, so this one is technically a success! I will be DIYing some jeans and makings some bracelets. Would you like to see them?

Journal:: I have been journaling a lot more than usual, and really enjoying it! I have really been making an effort to journal, and it has been paying off! I feel a lot more calm and relaxed, and it's a good feeling. I think I will be journaling a lot more often. 

Check Off My List:: I have picked up almost everything I need on almost all of my lists. There are a few things I still need, but otherwise I am set for fall! 

Shop Less:: I have been shopping less as well! Even though I only buy things bit by bit, and not in one big haul, I had been controlling my urge to pick up little bits and bobs here and there, and I am doing well. I would like to save up for some big things, like an Inglot palette, or a cute pair of shoes. 

Enjoy:: For the last few days of summer, I was racing to finish homework. I had loads of summer assignments, and it was a lot more work than I had expected. I was very stressed, and I was unable to enjoy the finals days of vacation. But we have some breaks coming up, and I need to promise myself that I will just RELAX. Wish me luck?

~Success: 4/7~

So what are my plans for September?

Stay De-stressed:: I can predict that I will be stressed this year, so I will do my best to relax during breaks and on the weekends, and just take a breather when I feel like I need to pull my hair out.

No Sweats:: I am making a pact that I will try not to wear sweats to school. While it may seem silly, I feel more put together when I am not wearing sweats. Plus, I have so many nice things to wear, I want to try to wear my clothes before I wear my sweat pants and jumpers. 

More natural makeup:: I have been wearing fun and wild makeup recently, and have really been experimenting with bright colors. However, I have been breaking out quite a bit and I think it's partially because I have been wearing a lot of face makeup recently. I am planning on wearing just concealer and powder, or just powder if I think my skin is a lot better. I will let you know how I get on, and perhaps review some concealers?

Lots more sleep:: I am going to try to get more sleep this year. Not only do I think it makes me more stressed when I don't rest, but I work harder and I am more energized when I have at least 5 hours of sleep. So I will work to manage my time so I can get to bed by 10:30. 

Blog every day:: When I started this blog, I was blogging every day, and I really enjoyed it. I stopped when I got overwhelmed with school work, but now I want to start blogging again, and do it consistently. I will try my best to blog every day, but don't hold me to it!

Use my day:: Some days I feel like the day has just wasted away, and all I have done is sit on the couch watching "Two and A Half Men" re-runs while eating yogurt. So my goal is to do one productive thing each day. Today I went to school, and that's good enough for me. I just hate to think I have been unproductive. I'm one of those kinds of people. 

Keep my room clean:: I can be lazy when it comes to cleaning my room, but I hate to walk in and find it looking so messy. So I want to just put my clothes away when I take them off instead of throwing them on my chair. 

While I did not exactly succeed in August, I plan to be victorious in September! This is such a great idea, and you should do it too! Le me know if you have, and I may just noodle around on your blog! I will check back in in October. It seems such a long way away.

What things are you trying to accomplish this month? 

xx BB

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