August 4, 2012

It's A Brush Cleaning Type Of Day!

Hello There!

Today was an easy going day, so I decided to finally deep clean my brushes. I don't clean them enough! For those who might be unaware, it is recommended to clean your brushes every day, and deep clean once a week. So I'm a bit behind!

I use everything to clean my brushes, from plain old dish soap to baby shampoo. People advise using baby shampoo because it doesn't strip the brushes of all their oils. 

When I clean my brushes I have one wet hand and one dry. I place a bit of the baby shampoo in the wet hand, take the brush, and swirl the brush on the palm of the wet hand. Rinse and repeat if needed. I usually clean the brush until the water runs clear when rinsed. It may take a while, especially with foundation brushes, but clean brushes feel so nice on the skin.

What do you clean your brushes with? And how do you find the time?

xx BB