April 2, 2013

Dupe Tuesday!

Hello There!

It's back! I finally have gotten around to do another "Dupe Tuesday," and I am so excited because I have a great dupe to show you all today.

I have loved MAC's "Bare Study" paint pot for ages, and have been using it constantly. However, there is a catch: with tax, it's about 20 dollars! Every time I purchase a paint pot it's a dagger to the heart. But last week I went to the drugstore to grab some hair ties, nail polish remover, and other beauty essentials, when I came across the Maybelline Color Tattoos Metal Edition, and I found the Barely Branded cream shadow and snatched it up! It's just as creamy and even more metallic and gorgeous than the MAC shadow. Bonus Jonas: the Maybelline cream shadow is only 6 dollars!

This is such a steal! I don't know whether or not this collection is limited edition, but I would highly recommend picking up this cream shadow!

What great dupes have you found?

xx BB

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