October 6, 2013

QOTD | Is it all for Others?

Hello There!

Sometimes, when I do something, I get so caught up in doing it that I have to step back and ask myself "am I doing this for ME?" And it is an important question to ask. Some days I feel like everything I am working for is to make others happy and not to benefit myself. This quote explains what I sometimes feel perfectly: 

I am the kind of person who likes to make others happy, who likes to hear other say that they are proud of me. I look for the approval of others. So sometimes finishing that race means nothing to me if I did not sign up for the race to accomplish something for myself. So do what you want to do; in the end it is your life, and you are living for you, and not for someone. 

Have you ever "run a race" for someone else? Or have you ever told someone you were not going to do something because you would not be doing it for you?

xx BB