January 9, 2015

7 things for one year.

Hello There!

Last year, I told you seven things I would try to do this year- mini resolutions, if you will. So let's see if I did them, and I'll tell you what I will try to accomplish in 2015. 

2014 goals:

Get to bed earlier- I am a night owl. I always try to sleep more and it never happens. And I'm kinda okay with that.

Reward myself for good work- I did this! I hung out with friends, treated myself to a Starbucks, and watched Netflix when I had worked hard or deserved a little break from life. A little pamper time for me.

Spend less frivolously- Mmm, perhaps. I stopped buying makeup for a few months to use up some products, but it probably feels like I spent a lot because I just went bankrupt from Christmas.

Be less judgmental- Totally did this! I will explain more in my "mantra of 2015." See below. 
Have lower expectations- I did this. I just thought "just go with it. what's the worst that could happen?" Even if it was not what I had planned, I always had a good time. 

Plan ahead- When it was necessary. I learned, however, that sometimes it's just nice to go with the flow. But when going on little trips or doing work I tried to make note of what I wanted or needed to do so I could get it done.

Will this matter in a year?-I said this almost every other day, and it helped me be less anxious. I thought about how much I blow situations out of proportion, and I realized that my happiness and health matter more. One tiny, insignificant detail (name that film!) won't ruin everything. 

and now, for my 2015 goals:

Go outside- I love the fresh air, and going outdoors is so good for you! Hikes are the best, so I want to spend more time walking, skipping, jumping, and flying, and less time on the couch (oops!).

More full workouts- I have been dancing for around six years, but sometimes I enjoy running and really sweating like crazy. Outside of dance, I want to spend a few days a week working it out. No pain, no gain!

Treat myself- After a long workout, I want shove my face in a chocolate cake. Not because it's delish, but because I have earned it! I always work hard and I need to pamper myself. 2015 is the year of me, no matter how selfish that sounds!

Spend time with friends- I have found some amazing friends that I will be seeing a lot less when I go to university next year, so I want to make sure I spend as much time with them as I possibly can. It's senior year, and I don't want to wish I had seen my mates more before I went to college.

Save moolah- In college, I will probably want to travel, go to concerts, and maybe eat? So I have to save some serious cash. I am keeping a jar on my vanity, and every week I am popping five bucks in the jar. It won't cover textbooks, but it's a start!

Be a minimalist- The day after New Year's Day, I cleared out the entirety of my room, and I through away trash bags full of dirty, old, ratty things, and I sent a bunch of clothes and other goodies to the charity shop. If I won't use them, they should go to a good home! But I want to only buy things I need or will use constantly. A girl only needs so many knick-knacks and bits and bobs and thingymoboppers.

"You do you!"-  My mantra for 2015. I think I have become a less judgmental person because of this mantra. Just because something doesn't work for me, does not mean it cannot make someone else happy. Everyone is different! And "I'll do me!" I will do things that make me happy, and listen less to what people think. Do things for you, and don't worry about anyone else. 

What are some of your goals, dreams, resolutions, and aspirations for the new year?

Here's to 2015!

xx BB