February 14, 2015

the "post-Valentine's Day" survival guide.

Hello There!

No, this is not a "V-Day" survival guide; by the time you read this, Valentine's Day will be long gone. But I am afraid the worst is yet to come. Days after the day of romance is over, photos and statuses and gooeyness will still be everywhere, and there is no way to stop it. So, just as one would have an apocalypse survival guide, I have one for the days following Valentine's day: 

1. eat some good food // Treat yourself to something delicious. Just because you didn't get cheap chocolates from a valentine doesn't mean you can't eat something sweet and amazing. I like to make something rich and calorific, because I feel like I have worked for the calories. Not very logical, I know, but the best food is sometimes the food you make yourself. Here are some of my current favorite delicious recipes:

2. play some music that makes you feel good // Skip Daughter and Nick Drake, just for today. For the rest of the weekend, play some tunes that make you feel good! Here are a few of my favorites:

Honestly, anything by Beyonce or Destiny's Child. You FLAWLESS. 

3.  put on makeup // On days when I feel rubbish, I get all dolled up and put on a bunch of makeup and comfy clothes; I love to be glamorous and comfortable, all at the same time! Try out that new blue shadow you have been keeping in the back of your vanity. Today is the day to wear a vampy lipstick and not care what anyone else thinks- it's all about you. Put on makeup that makes you feel beautiful.

4. get out of the house // To avoid the ooey gooey Facebook statuses and Instagram photos, I would advise leaving the house for a day or two. Going to see a friend, or getting out and doing something new will keep you away from social media. Maybe even turn off your phone for a few hours! You'll forget Saint Valentine even exists.

5. immerse yourself in something you enjoy // To take my mind off of everything else, I like to take photos or dance and do something I really enjoy, but also something that I can really concentrate on. It's an easy way to get loads of work done, or make time for a pastime you really love.

6. start a conversation // I always like to take the time to talk to someone on Valentine's weekend. Though I hate the holiday, and practically everything that comes with it, it reminds me of the people I really love and miss, and who I should keep in contact with as my life continues to get crazier. Reach out to an old friend or make plans with a bestie and spend some time working on relationships that aren't necessarily romantic. It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just not in a "ew gross Valentine's Day" way.

7. be frivolous and wild // Do something you would normally never do, but have always wanted to do. Buy those shoes, go to a crazy party, or change up your life in some way for one night, and you will immediately forget about Valentine's day and the couples and the hearts and the flowers. Plus, it's an excuse to treat yourself or make a memory.

8. exercise and sleep // Take care of your body this weekend. Going on a hike will release some endorphins and make you really happy, and sleep a lot- it's good for you! You can totally stuff your face, just balance it with a run and some water. You'll feel better the next day.

9.watch a good film // This is my favorite thing to do. When I am sad or I want to ignore something, I watch an amazing movie or I binge-watch an old TV show. Here are a few that I would recommend:

 Love Actually
Pitch Perfect
Pride and Prejudice
The Heat
Pirate Radio

Gossip Girl
New Girl

10. love yourself // Oh god, did I really just say that? Yes. Be kind to yourself. Even though you don't like Valentine's Day, or you are single on Valentine's Day, you are still a good person with a lot to offer, and you will find someone who makes you happy and your life better. It's hard to see the big picture, but spending a few Valentine's Days alone will help you figure out who you are and who you want to be. And my motto is "people will start to like you when you like yourself." I don't always remember to take care of myself, but doing so will make me happier in the long run, with or without that "special someone."

I know this weekend is awful, but there are a few ways to make it bearable. Take care of yourself, treat yourself, and love yourself- you deserve it!

xx BB