May 27, 2015

my favorite spots in LA | Eventbrite

hello there!

Today, in collaboration with Eventbrite, I decided to share a few of my favorite spots around Southern California. I love museums and music, so these spots are for the artsy wanderlust! Summer is just around the corner, so for those of you who need a staycation here are a few of my favorite places:


The Los Angeles Museum of Art is not only beautiful, but also very modern and a great place to take photos. If you love modern art, especially late nineteenth and early twentieth century dada and surrealism, then LACMA is a must-see on a museum geek's list.

Pageant of the Masters:

During the summer, Laguna Beach hosts a lot of really cool outdoors events that are artsy and really fun; Pageant of the Masters is one of them. Each year a few paintings and sculptures are chosen to be recreated using people on an outdoor stage. For art history buffs, it's always extra fun to make a game out of it and guess the pieces and the artists (and the era, for bonus points!) Outside of the theatre is music and galleries to walk through. It's a cool place to go with friends, or go on a date and finish the night walking on the beach.

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego:

Down in La Jolla is one of the smallest, and most beautiful, museums I have ever been to. It's not only small and obscure but also really quiet, so you can wander around the museum by the sea and concentrate on the art. And if you are going with friends or a date, it's perfect for the companion who likes art, but not that much; the museum is so small that getting through it only takes a few hours. You can view some beautiful modern art pieces, take a walk down the pier, and grab some delicious beach food. It's the perfect day!

Yes, that last photo is a sculpture of boats in the sky. The museum is so cool! If you want a relaxing day looking at art, any of these museums and events would be perfect options for the summer.

I hope you enjoyed this post; now go check out Eventbrite! You can find events in your area or create your own event page. It's easy to use and a great way to knock a few things off your bucket list.

What will you be doing this summer?

xx bb