May 20, 2013

QOTD | What Matters

Hello There!

Here's a lovely quote for you all. Another inspirational one!

I saw this quote on Sprinkleofglitter's blog, and thought that this quote was especially important to me. I know everyone has their own interpretation of sayings, but for me making time for friends, family, and myself is truly what matters, along with having fun and enjoying every moment. 

And I know, I know, where have I been? I have been studying for exams, crying over exams, and taking exams. And now I am done! Well, for now at least. I have been so caught up in my school schedule that I have let everything fall to the wayside. As this school year begins to come to a close, I think how fast it has gone, and how much I have let slip through the cracks. Not again! I want to prioritize and make time for everything. I know that this seems just about impossible, but I know that with a bit of determination and motivation, I can make time for everything and find time for what matters. 

What does this quote mean to you? What matters most to you?

xx BB