June 20, 2014

nail trend: holo polish | all about nails

Hello There!

I hate the word "obsessed," but I think it is possible that I am a bit obsessed with holographic nail polish! I know that "holo" polish is a bit tricky to find, so I thought I would show you two from Butter London. These shades are from the autumn/winter collection, but if you look online you can still find the colors. 

I love Butter London because of their wide and varied color selection. I have never found such unique shades in one brand! The formula is also perfect for me- it's not too thick, but also not super thin and sheer. For both of these holographic polishes, I apply 3 coats to make it completely opaque. Here are the two shades:

RP 15.00
I love Dodgy Barnett because it is a classic silver holographic, but I also really like Trustifarian because it has a lovely pastel green tint. The only part I am not a fan of is that both colors, especially Dodgy Barnett, do not show up as "holographic" on the nails as I would like. However, my favorite part about these polishes is that, when they hit the light, they look absolutely amazing. 

I am in love with the holo trend! I know that Butter London polishes are a bit of a splurge, but I think these polishes are totally worth it. Wearing a holo polish makes an outfit much more exciting, and a holographic polish goes with just about everything!

Have you tried a holo polish?

xx BB