June 19, 2014

the nail polish graveyard | all about nails

Hello There!

I finally decided to get rid of some of my grossest and oldest nail polish. I am a bit of a hoarder, so I thought I would share the polish that really had to go. 

Sally Hansen Inst-Dri:

Pros: This polish has amazing pigmentation, and is completely opaque in one coat! 
Cons: The formula does not end up being as shiny as I would like it to be. However, the biggest issue I have with the formula is that it is very thick, and it can get gooey and sticky really easily. I normally like to apply 3 coats of polish because it creates an opaque, gel-like nail look. Unfortunately, I can't do this with the Insta-Dri polish because the formula is so thick. I prefer a thinner formula. I also find the color range to be a bit "eh," so overall the collection doesn't do anything for me. 0/10 would not repurchase.


I love Essie! I love the color selection, formula, and lasting power. I can't think of a single con. So why am I throwing away two beautiful colors? Because I have used these two shades down to the bone. I plan to repurchase these same colors- they are my top favorite shades for summer! 10/10 would repurchase.


This brand is a bit unknown, so for those who have not heard of Julep it is an online brand that provides a monthly subscription service. I find the colors in this range are really hit or miss. The formula of this brand is also really thick, but I am a big fan of the color selection. This color, Michelle, is a beautiful rich navy creme- it applies like a dream, and in two coats it is completely opaque. Unfortunately, a certain sister (my sister) left the cap unscrewed for too long, and now it is unusable. If you know of a great navy polish, let me know! 6/10 might repurchase.

N.Y.C. (New York Color):

These 3 bottles of color are really, really old, so they had to go. In fact, I have not tried the new formula, so I cannot speak to the opacity or longevity of the new formula of N.Y.C. nail polish. What I can tell you about the old formula is that it doesn't compare to some of the dirt cheap polishes from Wet N' Wild or Sally Hansen. 0/10 would not repurchase. 


These polishes have now been discontinued, but it is not a bad thing. These polishes were low-quality and overall a really cheap brand. If you were not able to pick up these polishes, you are not missing out! 0/10 would not repurchase.

10 Professional Laquer:

When I was on the hunt for the perfect lavender polish, I found this shade and got really excited. However, the quality of the formula is gooey and, in comparison to other lavender shades from other brands, is not worth the cheap price tag. I love the color, but the formula is not very nice. 0/10 would not repurchase. 

When it comes to nail polish, I think the most important thing to keep in mind, with a few exceptions, is quality over quantity. While they look attractive, a lot of the cheap drugstore brands are bad quality because they are so inexpensive. These ranges also, for the most part, have a terrible color selection, so if you want great colors I would recommend going for the nicer brands. My favorites are:

Butter London
China Glaze

Look out for my other nail-themed blog posts throughout the week!

What are some polishes you are throwing away?

xx BB