April 2, 2016

something new | Samsung Galaxy 6 edge + {part 1}

Hello There!

I thought I would talk about something new and very, very different today. AT&T was kind enough to send me the Samsung Galaxy 6 edge + to test for you all! As a part of the testing process, I took some photos with the phone's camera and played with it for a few weeks, and I am now ready to tell you my thoughts. This is part one of the full review; in my next post I will be sharing more photos that I took with the phone for Washington DC's Cherry Blossom Festival season. However, before I share photos, I wanted to break down the pros and cons and share my thoughts on this new gadget. 


Because I have been used to a smaller phone, the size of the Samsung Galaxy 6 edge + threw me off. For those who have a larger phone already, you may not mind the size, but for me holding the phone was a bit difficult and I found that holding the phone and typing or navigating the phone was a bit tricky. 

The way the phone is organized, as an avid Apple user, was slightly confusing. Setting up an iPhone is really simple, and almost everything is already organized for you. The style of the iPhone is quite clean and simple, and is extremely different compared to the Galaxy phone. On the Galaxy phone it takes a bit more time to customize and organize the contents of your phone. If you like customizing your phone and playing around with design, you may enjoy that aspect of this phone, but personally I prefer for the phone to be almost completely pre-organized when I get it. 

Finally, the phone is very touch-sensitive. Accidentally pressing something is really easy on this Galaxy device, and I found myself having to be very careful not to tap anything accidentally when navigating the phone. 


There were a lot of features on the Galaxy phone that I liked, but a few aspects really impressed me. At face value, I loved that the phone's screen curves over the sides of the phone. It not only gives the phone a more "3-D" effect, but it also makes the screen look bigger. Although I do not love the size of the phone, the size of the screen is massive and the image is super clear. 

When the phone is "sleeping," a banner occasionally appears on the edge of the screen, like electronic ticker tape, that shows any new notifications, as well as the song you might be listening to and any incoming text messages. This notification bar is a really convenient way to see any new notifications without having to even touch your phone. 

One of the more innovative aspects of Samsung Galaxy 6 edge + is its ability to open two pages on one screen. You can open two completely different pages, and adjust the dual-display to make one page larger and one page smaller. As a busy woman who is obsessed with multi-tasking and is always on the go, I love being able to do two things at once on one device. Not only that, but opening dual-display does not slow down the speed of your phone! The dual-display has been a bit of a life-changer. 

Unlike Apple phones, this Galaxy device has one real button and one touch-screen buttons on either side. Although at first I found these extra touch-screen buttons to be unnecessary, I actually really like them! One of the buttons allows you to see all of the applications and content that you have open on your phone, which is really convenient. On an iPhone, in order to see all your open apps, you have to double-click the home button. Though this does work, sometimes the double-click can be a little finicky. I really like having one button that has one job, and makes my life a little easier. The other button is a "back" button, which I really thought was useless but have now come to love. I find myself subconsciously looking for a back button on my iPhone, and I now wish it had one.

And there you have it! Those are just a few of my favorite and least favorite features on the Samsung Galaxy 6 edge +. Unfortunately, I cannot really make any comments about the speed of the phone; although it is really fast, I have only had it for a few weeks and I have not downloaded a lot of apps or uploaded a lot of music, so I don't know if the phone would slow down with prolonged use. The other aspect of the phone that's tough for me to review is the durability. Since getting this phone I haven't dropped it, so I do not know how well it holds up over time. 

I have an iPhone 5, so I think that I am a bit biased towards Apple products. Nevertheless, I was very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy edge +, and I think that some of the features are really innovative and exciting.

If you have thoughts on the newest Samsung devices, let me know! I am always interested in trying new products, and would love to hear your feedback.

What Samsung products have you been loving lately?

BB xx