July 12, 2016

how to: a super productive summer.

Hello there!

As we settle into summer, some people may jet off on lavish vacations across the world. And good for them! Although I returned from a month of travels, it was all on the broke college student's dime, and it was all dirt cheap. I know many students like me are in the same boat. With almost four months of free time on your hands between the end of one school year and the start of another, sometimes getting stuff done can seem like your last priority. But summer goes by way too fast, and soon you will end up wondering what you did with all your time. I have done that too many times! So I thought, if you are a month or two into summer solstice and feeling totally lost, I would recommend a few tips and tricks, from one broke student to another, on how to have a productive, fun, and amazing summer! Even if you don't want to go on vacation, or don't have the funds, you can make good use of your time off and return to school with some great summer memories.

Make a list // Whether it is a wish list, a to do list, or a bucket list, make a few lists of things you want to do or need to do this summer. Not only will it help you get your headspace organized, but it will help you figure out how you want to spend your summer! If you have always wanted to go to a concert or visit a museum, put it on the list! With so much time on your hands you have time to explore and get creative with your summer plans. 

Check a calendar //  If you keep a calendar, and make plans throughout the summer, you can keep track of how much time you actually have left. I like to plan out my week to make sure that I am getting everything done that needs to be done, and to make time for everything I want to do. Summer goes by so fast, and before you know it it's over! So make plans for everything on your summer to do list to maximize your time and finish everything. 

Get a job, or look for a job // During the summer, the last thing anyone wants to do is work. For four months I want to relax by the pool and hang out with my friends. But spending four months lying about can be a bit of a waste of time, and you may end up a bit bored. So see if you can find some work to do over the summer that's low stress. The point of a summer job should be to get a little money and some great experience! But, if you can't find work over the summer, do some homework and line some work up for the fall. Internships can be tricky to find once the school year starts, so make sure you have made some plans so you know what you're doing when you go back to school. 

Deals, deals deals // Do a little research and find some great deals for the summer! Prices during the summer can be ridiculous, so do some digging and find some deals for weekend getaways, exercise classes, or a cheeky massage. You don't want to spend all your money on your summer plans, but spending a little money is sometimes necessary to have some incredible experiences. But you can also make some memories on a small budget, so get creative and see what you can do for free! Go to a museum, a concert in the park, or escape to the beach for a day! There is so much to do for free during the summer.

Focus on you // The summer is a great time to be selfish, to focus on relaxing and taking care of yourself. Spend some time planning your next moves for the fall, but also take a little time to do nothing, be lazy, and have fun! If you're like me you spent the whole school year stressing out and working hard, so you need a little time to breathe and chill out. Go on a hike, get a nice tan, and eat some great food. Going back to school refreshed is so important, so take time for you!

I hope you have an amazing summer, and I hope you make some memories and have some amazing new experiences! 

What do you have planned for the summer?

xx BB