July 10, 2016

the Makeup Revolution baked highlighter | a review

Hello there!

I have recently become super duper obsessed with highlighters. Every time I go shopping I pick one up. It's become a bit of an addiction, but the good news is I have been able to try loads of different highlighters, so now I really know what I like. When I saw the Makeup Revolution stand in Ulta, I got so excited! They have this range in the UK, and I had regretted not grabbing anything from the line. All of their products are extremely pigmented and, although I wanted to try an eyeshadow palette, I have so many so I thought I would test a highlighter instead. The baked highlighter range has four shades, all of which are very pigmented but range from a bright champagne to an intense peach. They are also super inexpensive; a massive highlighter from the range is only six bucks! I wanted to try the shade 'Radiant Light,' because it's a soft light pink that suits my skin tone.

What surprised me the most about this highlighter was the texture of the highlighter. The packaging is simple but really nice, and the product looks swirled in the pan. I thought the highlighter would be creamy and buttery, but the product was really smooth but slightly dry. However, the highlighter was really pigmented and applied beautifully. It didn't have a glitter, but a strong shimmer, so if you like looking super glowy this would be a great product. The product also blended really well, so it didn't appear as though I had a stripe of glitter on the skin. It lasted really well on the skin, and I didn't feel like it looked oily or greasy. In fact, I think the soft shimmer kept me looking glowy throughout the day. The pink undertone of this highlight looked natural, like my own skin, but if you find that pink tones don't suit your skin tone there are other shades that have gold or peach tones that would work  for those with darker skin or skin with yellow undertones. 

If you like something subtle, I don't think this is the highlighter for you. While you can build up the highlight to be really strong, and the different shades look natural on different skin tones, the highlighter itself never looks subtle or delicate. You could blind people with the light radiating from your cheekbones if you chose to. And, while I don't think that this is the most incredible highlighter I have ever tried, it is a really nice product and is easy to use. If you are new to the highlight game, this might be a good one to try. 

I am excited to try more products from the Makeup Revolution range; the line is inexpensive and the products look beautiful. 

What have you tried from the Makeup Revolution range?

xx BB