September 15, 2012

An ULTA Excursion!

Hello There!

Today I thought I would share some Butter London polishes that I picked up when they were having their buy one get one free sale at ULTA. I also picked up some Real Techniques brushes, which I have already used, but I am most excited for the polishes. I picked up four, but I would never pay $14.00 for a polish! However, I could handle getting 4 polishes for less than the price of OPI. What a steal! When I got to ULTA the shelves had been swiped (something about extra from a backorder?), so I had little to chose from, but I still found some colors I wanted and some that I was pleasantly surprised by. I won't swatch them but I have used a few so hopefully the pictures and my descriptions can give you an idea of what they look like.

I have been wanting to try Real Techniques brushes for a while, and they are great! They are so soft and blend products beautifully. I got them in a BOGO sale, so they were inexpensive. Plus, this line was created by Samantha Chapman, also known as Pixiwoo, who is a makeup artist on Youtube, so they must be good!

The first brush I picked up was the expert face brush. I love this for contouring with powder or cream bronzers. There were few brushes to choose from when I got to ULTA, so I probably would have chosen another brush. However, I still love it, because your can get a precise contour with the very tip of the brush and then blend it out with the "fluffy bit"(the technical term!). RP: 9.00

This stippling brush is absolutely fantastic. It's more dense and generally shorter than the average stippling brush, so it gives an airbrushed finish and good coverage too. Sometimes I find a stippling brush gives too sheer of coverage, and I prefer a medium to full coverage base for my makeup. It is fast becoming one of my favorite foundation brushes. I would defiantly recommend it, because it gives good coverage but not as heavy as the average foundation brush, and not as light as a stippling brush. RP: 8.00

Although I was pleased to find some lovely Real Techniques brushes, I was most excited to get Butter London polishes for "Buy 1 Get 1 Free!" When I got there, I was disappointed to find that the shelves had been swiped, and few polishes remained. I even had to fight some nail polish fanatics for the colors I got!  I really wanted "Disco Biscuit" and "Knackered," but they were not available. However, I found some colors I had wanted, and some colors that I had never even heard of. I do not have colors like these, and I have not seen colors like these in shops either. While they are expensive, they are all unique. Here are the four I got:

Trout Pout:

This color is one of the more famous colors form Butter London, and I can see why. It's lovely! It's more of a summer color, unlike the other three polishes I purchased. It's a neon salmon color, and I prefer it to other neon polishes because sometimes I find they can look slightly trashy. However, this color is fun yet still classy! I wish I had gotten this color earlier, because I am sure this would have been one of my favorite summer shades. 


Out of all the Butter London shades, I think this is the most popular color. It is a black polish with moss green and gold finely-milled glitter. It's gorgeous! If you buy this color, and you put it on and find it looks rubbish, I would recommend applying 3-4 coats to get an opaque color. The first coat will look like a sheer grey color, the second coat will look like a more opaque grey color, and the third coat will look like an opaque grey color with glitter. But by the fourth coat you will have an opaque black color with gorgeous green and gold glitter. Be patient, it's worth it!


I had never heard of this color, and I just love it! There are two ways of wearing it: as an opaque color after applying about 3-4 coats, or as a finely-milled glitter topcoat on top of a black or dark green nail polish. Either way it is really pretty! The color is a sea foam green, a shade I have not seen a lot in stores, so I had to pick it up. 


If this polish had only been a few dollars, I would have picked it up just for its name. If you are from America and you do not know what this means, then look it up! However, this is a twist on the classic bronze, because I would describe it as a black polish with a lot of red-bronze finely-milled glitter. However, when you apply it to your nails it just looks like a dark bronze color. In both "Shag" and "Trustafarian" there are a lot of glitter, so it only takes a coat or two to completely cover your nail with glitter. 

Overall, I love the brushes and polishes I purchased. They are all great quality products. I may review the Butter London polishes in the future and, if I pick up some more Real Techniques brushes, I may review those as well. My total was $42.00 which, for two brushes and four nail polishes, is a complete bargain! When there is another major sale at ULTA, I will defiantly pick up some more polishes.

Did you pick up anything from the ULTA sale? 

xx BB