July 29, 2013

One Dollar Monday!

Hello There!

I was inspired by Nouveau Cheap to share some of my favorite products that are just one dollar.

I love this brush because it is the quality of a more high end brush, and yet it is so inexpensive. I have washed this brush a million times, and still I find it is still fluffy and soft. 

This is my go to primer. It goes on sheer, and blends to be smooth and create a matte canvas for your shadow. I put this on before my eye makeup, and even when I don't wear shadow I still put this on so my eyelids do not get oily. 

This liquid liner is so pigmented. It goes on super black, and once it dries it stays in place for the entire day. The only problem I find with this liner is that the formula is slightly wet, so just keep your eyes closed for a few seconds before continuing with your makeup. 

This lipstick is so gorgeous! It may just be a dupe for MAC Show Orchid. This lipstick is so creamy and pigmented, and lasts for ages on the lips. It has a cool blue shimmer that is super unique and makes your teeth look really white too. 

 I love this quad! These shadows are so pigmented and they blend so easily. As you can see from the packaging, I have used this quad to death, and I especially love the white-gold shade on the left side of the quad. All the shades have a hint of shimmer, but numbers 2 and 3 are mostly matte. You can use numbers 1 and 4 for a neutral everyday look, or add shadows 2 and 3 for a smokey nighttime look.

I love all of these products, and would most definitely repurchase them and highly recommend them.

What are some of your one dollar products that you absolutely love?

xx BB