July 9, 2015

my [summer] suitcase essentials.

hello there!

 Now that it's summer, I'm going to be doing a little bit of traveling. Packing during the summer is very different from packing any other time of the year; I tend to pack less, and everything I pack is multi-purpose. For me, summer traveling is all about being comfortable and looking effortless. This summer I am spending a week in Washington D.C. I'm so excited to spend the Fourth of July in one of my favorite cities, but it's going to be very hot so I have to plan for the worst (and the sweatiest). Here are some of my summer suitcase essentials, and my tips for easy packing:


Tip 1: It's all black and white \\ Not only do I love black and white as my everyday color palette, but it's perfect for packing. Packing a few black and white pieces makes it easy to create lots of different outfits that look really chic. 

Tip 2: Cotton \\ When I pack, I tend to smoosh and shove my clothes into my suitcase to make room for everything, so I try not to pack clothes that could crease easily. Who has time to iron! So I like to pack cotton clothes: lightweight clothes that work well in the heat and don't crumple in my suitcase. 

Tip 3: Versatility is key \\ When you're packing light, I try to pack pieces that I know can work for a day out and an evening on the town. Try a nice top that can easily be paired with both shorts and a skirt, or a dress that can look casual, but can be dressed up with statement jewelry. 

[my essentials]

1) the cotton maxidress 
2) the basic black tank
3) black strappy sandals
4) jean shorts 
5) the day-to-night dress


Tip 1: Pick multipurpose products \\ It's so tempting to pack a million different products for all the looks you might want to create during your trip, but resist! Pack a few products that can be used a million different ways, like a bronzer or contour that can be used in the crease, or a cream shadow that can be blended on the cheekbones for a soft highlight. 

Tip 2: Pack long-wearing makeup \\ When you're traveling in the heat and doing a lot all day, the last thing you want to worry about is your makeup. So choose products that will keep your makeup in place and last throughout the day, like a makeup primer or a waterproof mascara. Then you can spend less time worrying about your makeup and more time exploring!

Tip 3: Grab a palette \\ Instead of packing millions of single shadows and blushes, pack one or two palettes that can give you a lot of choices on the go. Plus, it's also easier to put a look together when it's already in a palette for you.

[my essentials]

1) primer
2) bronzer, contour
3) eyeshadow palette
4) waterproof mascara
5) an easy lippie


A camera \\ Take some photos on your trip! I usually pack my DSLR when I travel because it takes really beautiful photos, but if you have a smaller camera that you prefer, pack that instead. Just make sure to capture some memories.

A purse or two \\ When I travel, I like to pack a massive bag for the plane, and a smaller night bag. I tend to take less out with me at night, when I go to dinner or a party, so packing a small bag is essential. Plus, it doesn't take up a lot of space in your suitcase.

Pick a book \\ Over the summer I force myself to read. I have always loved reading, but I never seem to have the time, so during the summer I pick out a few books and read them all the way through. It's a great way to stay sharp and not let your brain turn to mush, even when you're not in school.  Right now I'm reading John Green's Paper Towns in anticipation for the film, and Amy Poehler's Yes Please, because she is amazing.


1) DSLR camera
2) day purse, night purse
3) reading material
4) a bathing suit
5) sunglasses

I hope this post was a helpful breakdown of what I pack when I go traveling during the summer! These aren't all of my essentials, but they are some of the most important items in my suitcase. For those of you who are packing rookies, sometimes you need a little guidance so you don't pack your whole house. Trust me; been there, done that. 

What are some of your summer suitcase essentials?

xx bb