July 24, 2015

my favorite [summer] polishes.

hello there!

I have way too many polishes, and during the summer I tend to pick a few favorites and stick with them. I am currently obsessed with five:

orly // luxe | sally hansen // pacific blue | uo // bohemian summer | opi // you're such a budapest | ciate // kiss chase

In order, from the left:

orly // luxe:

This color has been on my toes for the past two months; every time I take it off, I paint it back on again. Because I tend to wear black and white and accessorize with gold, this polish goes with everything. It's also not a brassy gold or a cheap-looking gold, so you look super put-together without that much effort. As a bonus, it distracts from my gross "dancer feet."

rp: 7.00

sally hansen // pacific blue

The other day I went looking for this gem of a polish in the drugstore and I couldn't find it. I had to hold back tears. This is the most gorgeous, richly-pigmented royal blue in the universe and it's only three dollars! I understand if you feel like it's too good to be true. The extreme-wear line also applies beautifully in two coats, so if you are unbelievably impatient, like me, and hate waiting for polish to dry, with pacific blue you can be out the door in a few minutes. Beware, however, that such a strong blue color can stain your nails, so make sure to wear a base coat! If you can't find it in stores, I found it for you on ebay here

rp: 3.00

urban outfitters // bohemian summer

This polish was a steal for less than a dollar in an uo sale! It's such a unique color: amidst the gel-looking light blue polish are small hexagonal chips of black polish. It gives a classic pastel shade a unique twist, and after three coats it looks translucent and super cool. It's part of their "sparkle" collection, and I was able to find it online here

rp: 8.00

opi // you're such a budapest

This polish was from a seasonal collection, but I have seen it in stores since. This is one of my all-time favorite polishes! Periwinkle has been my favorite color for years and years and years, so this color is perfect for me. Like the varnish from Urban Outfitters, it gives the nails a gel-like finish after three coats. It applies beautifully and isn't streaky, which I really appreciate in a pastel polish. It's long-wearing, like most OPI polishes, and it's a perfect shade to transition from spring into summer, and summer into fall. And fall into winter. And winter into spring. Yeah, I'm in love. You get it. 

rp: 9.00

ciate // kiss chase

I have been on the hunt for a bright pop of pink, and, after a long search, I have found a fantastic option. This is a permanent shade in the ciate collection. It applies beautifully in three coats, and makes me look super tan in the summer. It's not quite as dark as it looks in the photos; in real life, it looks like a candy-pink, and it's almost a bit neon. Ciate polishes are a bit more expensive, but I think they are worth the cost. Plus, the brush is brilliant and applies the product perfectly onto the nails. This has been on my nails a few times this summer. I'm a fan! 

rp: 15.00

I hope you guys have picked up some super sweet polishes for the summer!

What colors are you digging at the moment?

xx bb